SEO Changes 2016


Search engine optimization is changing, new trends are emerging. Of course, you need to be aware in order to respond to changes in time, take into account trends and organize your work taking into account the necessary trends.

Awareness in this matter is very important. If you know what exactly affects the position of the site in the search results, you will be able to improve its position for sure.

5 trends affecting the ranking of sites in PS

High position in the search ≠ more clicks. You can be in the TOP, but there will be a minimum of customers. And all because you did not take into account some "frightening" factors. For example, due to paid ads or a large number of graphics in search results, it may seem to the user that the resource does not deserve attention.

For example, if the results show not only a list of sites, but also a map, users are distracted by a large image, skipping your site. Or they might be distracted by an interestingly crafted ad.

Therefore, choose such keywords for promotion, where the percentage of distractions on the page is minimal.

Page loading speed. The page loading speed of the site affects the ranking. If one site loads faster than another, then it will be higher (ceteris paribus).

Another point is that robots coming for indexing work with one resource only for a certain time. Accordingly, the faster the pages of your resource are loaded, the more of them will be indexed.

Speed also affects behavioral factors:

  • more than 60 clients will not wait longer than 3 seconds for loading;
  • Approximately 50% of visitors expect page load time to be under 2 seconds.
  • each additional second of loading reduces the page conversion by 7% - even if there is super-useful and mega-essential content, then a busy person simply does not have the patience.

This statistic clearly demonstrates: time = money.

Keywords as the basis of promotion. This concept has changed, but has not died. It is key research that becomes the main content strategy. But today whole groups of words are selected that are relevant to a given topic.

Optimization for mobile devices. For Internet surfing today, a variety of devices are used - from smartphones to smart TVs. And on each of them, your resource should be displayed correctly and quickly.

Today, the mobile version of the site is becoming the norm. And without it, the resource will rank quite low.

By the way, according to American developers, more than 15% of all traffic is mobile Internet. Therefore, be sure to plan and allocate funds for the creation of a mobile platform for your resource, if you have not already done so.

Voice search. Okay, Google, what did I do last night? You are unlikely to find an answer to this question, unless you just became a YouTube star overnight. But voice search is suitable for all questions without exception, not just comic ones.

After all, what was considered amazing in the time of Julius Caesar (writing, reading and speaking at the same time) is quite within the power of modern man. For example, you are cooking or driving a car - writing a query in the search line is problematic, but it is quite possible to ask. Voice search is safe, convenient and fast.

In addition, about 55% of teenagers and more than 23% of adults use this way of finding information. Therefore, check whether it is possible to find your resource by dictating a "key" phrase?

And one more thing - there will always be high-quality and relevant content in the trend. Particularly successful and interesting posts are sure to “output” to social networks. So your resource will be "on hearing", which means it will be highly ranked.

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