SEO + Context = Success?

СЕО + Контекстная реклама = Успех

Recently, our studio is increasingly being asked the question: “What works more effectively in the process of website promotion: seo-optimization or contextual advertising?” The answer to this question is determined only by individual indicators: what direction of business, what budget falls on the conduct of an advertising campaign, the time for which the result is expected. Our experts compared the effectiveness of two promotion tools. What came of it - read on.

Advantages and disadvantages

To begin with, we recall that search engine optimization is an increase in the position of a site for certain queries in the results of search engines. Contextual advertising is a type of Internet advertising, in which an advertisement is shown in accordance with the content of the Internet page. Two completely different concepts, but with the same goal - to make your site successful. Using our experience, we will consider the advantages of each tool, analyzing budgets, result efficiency, conversion, traffic.

  1. Budget.
  2. Optimization could be more accessible. It depends on what methods the promotion takes place. Contextual advertising, where serious accounting is maintained for each click, will cost more. But given the unwritten law of Internet marketing - there will be traffic, there will be earnings, it's a sin not to use this service.

  3. Traffic.
  4. The volume of traffic from search results is greater than traffic from PPC ads. Many users miss advertisements by not scrolling to their location.

  5. Campaign management.
  6. Contextual advertising provides full control. For example, it allows you to edit the content of the ad, set up geotargeting by time, specify the region, select a site, add / remove queries and negative keywords. In seo, the management options are less expanded. Running a campaign on your own without certain knowledge and skills is fraught with serious consequences. It is recommended to trust such actions only to specialists.

  7. Traffic quality.
  8. Contextual advertising brings more targeted visitors, i.e. brings more quality traffic. Click-through users often stay longer on the site and are more likely to become customers.

  9. The speed of the result.
  10. The result from contextual advertising comes soon after launch. To feel the result of search engine optimization, a list of activities to build external links is carried out. You have to wait at least three weeks.

  11. duration of the result.
  12. The effect of search engine optimization lasts longer. In cases where the seo campaign paused, after the search promotion, the result lasted longer. Although the traffic will not grow, it will be significantly higher than before the start of the promotion. In contextual advertising, the result disappears immediately after the end of the campaign.

Summing up

Let's return to the beginning of the article and remember that seo-promotion and contextual advertising are aimed at a common result - to make your site successful. After search engine optimization, you get a long-term result - stable traffic comes to the site, and an advertising campaign will only increase profits and consolidate the result.

The verdict is: SEO promotion + Contextual advertising are complementary tools and the key to a successful campaign for your brand and website.

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