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seo-pamyatka Almost any process can be broken down into stages, and SEO is no exception. When we start promoting a site in search engines, we should stick to the plan and do not forget about its main components. Below we will consider some of the most important points that should be followed strictly.

Do not start promoting a site that is not yet ready for it. While the resource is at the preparation stage, it is better to put a stub on the domain or close the site pages from indexing through the robots.txt file.

  • On the first day of the site's life, we add it to all search engines known to us. You can make the first links to the site from reputable bookmarking services.
  • We register accounts in search engines and add a sitemap to them in xml format. Do not forget to place an html-map on the site for better navigation.
  • Check meta tags and other service tags for the occurrence of keywords indicated before promotion.
  • The TITLE tag must not exceed 80 characters.
  • Site description (DESCRIPTION) should not exceed 180 characters.
  • The list of keywords (keywords) should not exceed 20 words.
  • Tags H1, H2, H3, etc. must contain the keyword.
  • Don't forget to check html and css for code validation.
  • Use only CNC! Those. in the link of each page, only capital letters of the Latin alphabet should be used, from which it is possible to make a transliteration of keywords. Separate URLs within links with hyphens, not underscores.
  • There should not be more than 100 internal links on each page.
  • Use a well-formed robot.txt, do not allow bots to index site service files.
  • Check the functionality of all links that are placed on the pages of the site. You must not have broken links!

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