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Negative information about the company can simply be ignored. Until it becomes too much. So many that in the first lines of Yandex there will be only ruthless criticism or “bad” reviews. How to ensure business efficiency in such conditions?

Why can there be so much negativity? Perhaps this will be a very harsh slander from competitors who want to sink you. Or, as a result of a conflict with the manager, the client got so angry that he threw out negative reviews on all the sites he knew. You fired the manager, but how to restore the company's reputation? Or one of the employees in key positions quit and decided to take revenge by talking about the nuances of business processes. In general, the reasons that negative things suddenly pour into your business can be very, very different. We will teach you how to clean it and make it so that customers forget about it.

What to do if you need to remove the negative

Here are eight tips to help you remove negativity:

  1. Get lawyers . Not lawyers, but people who will start writing refutations of negative information. These people will write on the forums "slander!" and ask the site administration to remove deliberately false messages. If we are talking about a personal brand, then you can connect the personality itself. But they rarely do this - in 8 out of 10 cases, all the negative is removed as slander, since so many people insist on it. Usually lawyers will need about 10 people.
  2. Removal by barter . It all depends on the size of the portal. If the attendance of a resource is lower than 3 thousand people daily, then it cannot be equated to electronic media. Therefore, "legal threats" will be ineffective. But you can just ask for removal. If the material is important for the portal, then the owner may not agree. Then you will have to find alternative solutions, from “we will provide you with equivalent material” to “we will carry out SEO optimization of your resource”. This is very beneficial for the portal, so the probability of successful removal is almost 100%.
  3. Buying copyright . Let's say you're a baby food manufacturer, and a video about unsanitary conditions at the production site hits the net. Your video is the most viewed video on YouTube. You can’t just delete it like that: you need to decide on the owner of the copyright. When the owner is found, we buy out the rights to the video, and delete it from all sites as the owner. If there is no legal owner, then you can immediately issue the rights to yourself.
  4. Company closure . For example, you have accumulated too many negative reviews on Yandex, and your managers did not promptly respond to processing the negative. You should remove the store from Yandex.maps and thereby remove absolutely all reviews about it. To remove a company from the directory, select the reason "closure". Yandex operators will call to confirm. In a few weeks, you can open a new company, just remember to change the phone.
  5. Cloning . If a lot of negativity has accumulated on one of the independent review sites, then it makes no sense to deal with it pointwise. On the other hand, it makes sense to create a clone of the company by registering a store with a changed name and at a different address on the feedback site. Populate your page with testimonials where people talk about the move. Then ask the administration to merge the two profiles, because "the company has moved, changed its sign and address." All reviews will be transferred to a fake account, and your card will remain clean. In 8 cases out of 10, this strategy will work.
  6. Cooperation . Competitors can pour negativity on you, but it's better to try to negotiate with them, rather than threaten. If the negotiations did not bring success, look for compromising evidence. Then offer to delete the found negative, and in response they will delete what they wrote about you.
  7. Editorial agreement . Most often it works for regional media, but you can also negotiate with large all-Ukrainian ones. First, find the author: he can delete the news himself if you prove to him that this information is fake, or he can do it for money. If the author does not have such authority, negotiate with the owner of the publication. The success rate is 6 out of 10.
  8. Agent injection . This method is the most costly, but may be the only solution if regular negative comments appear from the same group of people. It is important to introduce your own agent of influence into this group, who will gradually turn his attention to another "global evil".

Keep in mind that negativity spreads very quickly, and it is more and more difficult to remove it after wide publicity. And these 8 technologies allow us to solve the problem “in the bud”.

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