Setting up the elements of the selling site. Do you have everything set up correctly?


Setting up a selling site

I would like to consider in detail those elements of the site that make it not just another page on the Internet, but a selling site. Here is what will allow your resource to become even more efficient, respectively, to earn even more on it.

1. Description at the top

At the top of the site there should be a concise, that is, a short and understandable description of the type of activity of the company. This is not a motto or a slogan, but simply briefly and clearly: “An online store selling “so-and-so” or “Lawyer Services”.

2. Geography of work

champion-coqsn1tact Also, in the upper part, the geography of your activity (cities, regions, countries) should be indicated. For example: “Lawyer in Kharkiv” or “Online store selling “so-and-so” with delivery in Ukraine.”

3. Relevant photo


In the same place, at the top of the site, place a photo that matches the type of activity of your company. It is important not to exaggerate here. If you are engaged in the repair of domestic cars, you do not need to post a photo of any Bentley or Mercedes on the site. Let it be a photo of a domestic car.

4. All contacts


As expected - in the header or footer - in the right corner, place all contact information: phone numbers, address. If you work in more than one region, it is better to get a multi-channel phone and also place it in your contacts.

5. Why choose us


And again, the top of the site: write 3 main benefits / advantages in your opinion, why you should buy from you.

For example, if we are talking about an online store, then you can write “Free shipping”, “Delivery within three days, regardless of region”, “Payment on delivery is possible”.

6. Elements of trust


This includes photos, case studies of your projects, partner logos, reviews and similar information. These elements will help build trust in you and your site.

7. First step


If you delve into the analytics, you can see that only a small percentage of those who come to your site make a purchase. In a word, not everyone is ready to make a decision and buy something right away.

In order to push a person to take the first step towards buying, place a call like “calculate the cost”, “call a measurer”, “sign up for a test drive”, and the like.

8. Application form


After you logically lead the person to do something, place the application form in a prominent place. If everything is done correctly, then by this moment the person should understand why he needs this and what filling out the application will give him.

And one moment. The fewer fields to fill out, the more likely that a person will fill it out. In fact, two are enough: a phone number and an email address. Everything else can be learned by the manager when calling.

9. Product information

sleepcar home

It should be exhaustive: characteristics, payment, delivery, photos, the ability to chat with a consultant online, as well as the ability to compare selected items with other analogues on your site.

10. Statistics


Keep statistics. This is the only way to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of the site. Install Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica analytics counters, work on setting goals. You can set any page as goals, and you will see how effective what you are doing.

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