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indeksaciya-sajta-poiskovymi-sistemami The promotion of a site in search engines directly depends on how these systems index the site itself. There is practically no point in increasing incoming link mass to landing pages if they are simply not yet in the index. We will leave the problem of imposing filters on the site and consider a typical case when the resource has just appeared on the network. Do not think that the search engines themselves will find it very quickly. You should help them index all the pages of the new site as quickly and completely as possible.

So, here are a few steps that will help with the indexing of a new site by search engines :

  • Be sure to create a sitemap in .xml and .html format, and the first one is simply uploaded to the root of the site and you can put a through link on it. A sitemap is generated in .xml format using the built-in functions of a particular site engine, or using online services. The .html map should be placed one click away from the main page.
  • Create a site account in Yandex.Webmaster as soon as possible. There it will be possible to track indexing and, if problems arise, contact Yandex technical support.
  • A similar account should be created in Google Webmasters and Google Analytics .
  • The next step is to add the site to all search engines: Yandex , Google , Rambler, Aport, etc.
  • It makes sense to add the resource to the Rambler Top 100 and ratings.
  • As the site is filled with content, send links to the maximum number of bookmarking services. This will not only attract the first visitors, but will certainly lead the search robot to the server where our resource is located.
  • If the site format allows you to publish interesting materials, run such an article on social services, add an announcement wherever possible.
  • Do not forget that the competent organization of internal linking will increase the chance of indexing 100% of the pages of the site. Ideal site navigation provides for a 3-click rule, i.e. all your pages should be no deeper than the fourth level of nesting.

Remember that only after indexing the site by search engines should you start promoting the site and start external optimization .

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