Site socialization

Commercial sites can reflect a variety of business lines. Starting from the trade in change houses-caravans and ending with works of art in the form of gems (images on stone). And the main task of promotion of such sites is to display in the TOP-10 search engines for selected keywords. Achieving such a goal provides resources with visitors who may become customers of the company.

However, it is often possible to attract targeted visitors not only with the help of SEO , but also by taking advantage of site promotion in social networks, the blogosphere and forums. Services such as "Vkontakte", "Odnoklassniki" and the rapidly growing popularity of "Facebook" are a great opportunity to get additional traffic, make your brand recognizable and popular among ordinary Internet users.

Do not forget about those who maintain personal blogs. The publication of interesting and sometimes provocative materials on your resource can provide an excellent reason for discussion. Bloggers will be happy to leave a comment on the site, and possibly post your article on their blog.

So, the use of SMO and SMM methods of site promotion will give an additional effect in terms of getting targeted visitors. However, it should be understood that the socialization of the site is not just the creation of your pages on social networks. Without a professional creation of an informational occasion that will make people react to it, one should hardly expect a significant SMO effect .

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