SMM interrogation with passion

SMM допрос с пристрастием

As promised, we continue to develop the topic of social networks. We said that we would share practical advice with companies that are going to order SMM services. Receive - subscribe. You will be able to determine whether SMM is beneficial for your business and whether everything is ready for promotion on social networks.

The main difficulty lies in the fact that image marketing and promotion in social networks only indirectly affect sales. It is worth reconciling with the fact that the influx of customers and sales growth will have to wait. SMM affects profit only in tandem with a competent strategy developed for a particular campaign. To build it, it is important to answer several important questions as honestly as possible.

Are you aware of ineffective SMM?

Do not know? Then we will suggest:

  1. Massive flooding of the Internet with positive reviews about a product or service is a big risk for the company's image. Even an inexperienced user of social networks will seem suspicious that users, almost on the same day, suddenly rushed to write enthusiastic comments. Nothing but ridicule and a couple of ironic memes can cause such PR.
  2. The company develops its profiles in all social networks familiar to it, spends crazy money, but sees no return. In SMM, you should not grab onto a dozen things at the same time, otherwise it will be impossible to bring at least one of them to its logical conclusion.
  3. There is no clear definition of goals and, accordingly, it is not clear what benefits can be derived from promotion in social networks.

What goals need to be achieved?

Profit growth is more of a reasonable and quite natural need than a goal. Before you achieve anything, you need to clearly understand in which direction to move. Goals are very different:

  • communication with clients;
  • reputation improvement;
  • expansion of the client audience;
  • repeat sales to current customers;
  • increase in the amount in the average check;
  • increasing brand awareness.

Based on these preferences, you can already start thinking about the strategy of your business behavior in social media.

Does your business need SMM?

The company's page on the social network, which is updated from time to time by one of the managers, and complex SMM are different things, they differ, first of all, in price. The second option requires the attention of a whole team of specialists. The current stage of SMM development involves the participation in the development of a strategy by a team of professionals consisting of creatives, analysts, copywriters and media planners. Professional services are not cheap, so in order not to throw money away, determine whether promotion in social networks is really necessary for your business or you can be content with other advertising and sales channels.

The effectiveness of SMM varies depending on the field of activity and the degree of awareness of the campaign. Large firms can benefit the most from social media marketing by:

  • online stores;
  • recognizable brands;
  • companies supplying goods and services in the field of health, beauty and sports;
  • firms specializing in goods for children;
  • tour operators, car suppliers and other companies for whom image and good reputation are important.

Is your business ready for social media promotion?

SMM is only part of the ammunition that will help you defeat competitors and free potential customers from their captivity. An integrated approach is the key to success, therefore, before contacting social media promotion specialists, you must prepare another arsenal:

  1. Selling, modern design + usability + feedback forms = conversion site. Customers should like not only the product and your image on the social network, but also the site, having visited it, they will leave competitors and voluntarily desert to your camp.
  2. Connecting and fine-tuning analytics systems is like a radar, reading its indicators, you can evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign and adjust the strategy.

In Internet marketing, as in war, all means are good, so you should not write off such a powerful weapon as SMM as scrap after years of service. One has only to learn how to skillfully use it in conjunction with other Internet marketing equipment.

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