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upravlenie-snippetom Search engine promotion of the site , pursues one main goal - to increase the traffic of the resource due to transitions from search engines for a particular search query. Unfortunately, even reaching the TOP 10 , the site may not receive the predicted traffic that was expected when the SEO campaign was launched. The main reason for such disappointment can be an unsuccessful snippet (the text under the link to the site) in the search engine results. Those. text torn from the content of the site page, which has become a snippet, does not attract users to click on the link at all. What to do in this case? How to change the snippet given by search engines for the promoted page?

First of all, check again the text that was placed in the description meta tag. If it did not satisfy search engines with its quality and, in their opinion, does not reflect the essence of the page, try rewriting it. Be sure to add the keyword again, try to succinctly reflect the content of the site page with exactly those words that are used directly in the body of the article.

It happens that the description still does not become a snippet of the site page. In this case, we compare the already existing snippet with the text of the article. We find this piece of text and very carefully correct it in accordance with our needs. Often, search engines move to a new, improved snippet immediately after re-indexing a page.

Try to check existing snippets for your pages right now. Optimizing the descriptions of the link to the site will definitely increase traffic!

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