Sources of "Kaspersky" were in the public domain


As a result of the leak, the source codes of Kaspersky Lab products got into the public domain.

The free file hosting Mlfat4arab has the source codes of Kaspersky Lab's product - Kaspersky Internet Security.

A 182 MB Rar archive was uploaded to the hosting by an unknown user on January 26, 2011, and by the time this material was written, the file had been downloaded 2071 times. The archive contains a collection of files with code written in C++ in the Visual C tool and assembly files.

Judging by the names of the folders in the archive, it contains the source code of the KLAVA engine, work on which at Kaspersky Lab entered its final phase in 2008. All subsequent generations of the company's products are based on KLAVA, starting from the 2009 line that entered the market autumn 2008

Experts from the Russian Russian distributor ESET, the manufacturer of the NOD32 antivirus, got the opportunity to study the leaked archive, said Alexander Chachava, president of the Leta Group, which owns the distributor.

According to him, the company's specialists came to the conclusion that the archive contains parts of the kernel code in versions 2006 and 2007, and "it is unlikely that competitors and intruders will be able to learn any know-how when studying them, since heuristics from Kaspersky "has changed since then."

Kaspersky Lab acknowledges a code leak containing "a fragment of an outdated version of the anti-virus engine, which has since been seriously modified and updated. The developer company links the current leak to an incident that took place in early 2008.

The press service of the "Laboratory" reported that "a former employee of the company, who at one time had legal access to the source code of the 2008 products, posted an advertisement on the Internet for its sale." After the company appealed to law enforcement agencies, the perpetrator of the leak was detained and sentenced to 3 years of suspended liberty with a probationary period of 3 years under Article 183 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

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