Summer is the time to make a website!


Лето - пора делать сайт As you know, with the onset of summer, the time for vacations comes and, as a result, the "off season" begins in many businesses, there is a decline in sales. But why - some manage to feel confident even during the "off season", while others die of boredom and watch decreasing sales graphs?

Of course, the secret lies in the organization of processes within the company, promotion strategy, and, of course, advertising. If you are the owner of a promoted site, then summer is another season of full-fledged work with clients and fulfilling orders coming from the Internet. Of course, in this case, a decline is also possible due to the specifics of the goods and services offered. However, ceteris paribus - a company with a working site has at least 30% higher sales figures in relation to its "not advanced" competitor.

If you still do not have a website, then you should consider summer as the time for which you can prepare for productive work in the fall. After all, within 3 months you can manage to make a website, fill it with information about your products and services, start work on promoting the site in search engines. And for some topics, this period is enough for the promotion of the site.

In other words, it's up to you whether to lose 3 months of the summer or order a website and reach a new level during this time, increase sales and attract new customers.

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