The best examples of extraordinary site navigation


Лучшие примеры неординарной навигации сайтов

"Creative website" - what does it mean? Bright design? Modern functionality? Exclusive content? Not only! Unusual navigation is one of the incredibly effective and at the same time difficult ways to make a resource memorable in a good way. We offer to get acquainted with examples of unusual navigation on talentedly designed sites.

A logical and understandable site architecture has a positive effect on the ranking of a resource by search engines, we talked about this in more detail in one of our previous articles. However, "convenient" does not mean "template" or "primitive" site structure. To create a positive user experience, you can and should use creative finds in the field of site building. People are naturally curious, so the innovations of users most often do not scare away, but attract. Especially if the Internet speed, browser version and monitor size allow you to fully enjoy the innovative design;)


Минималистичный дизайн сайта

Минимализм в навигации сайта

Минималистичная навигация сайта

The sites presented above are united by a common direction - minimalism combined with ease and convenience. At the same time, due to large simple geometric shapes, well-chosen fonts, distinct and saturated colors, an intuitive interface is created, and high usability indicators are maintained.

Horizontal scrolling

Горизонтальный скроллинг

Горизонтальный скроллинг на сайте

Сайт с горизонтальным скроллингом

Sites with horizontal navigation used to be considered unacceptable, but the resolution and size of modern screens now allow this very interesting move. The content, divided into columns, allows you to view the resource like a glossy magazine, moving your eyes from one page to another to the right, and not corny down. Moreover, some sites skillfully combine vertical and horizontal scrolling, which do not cause discomfort to users.

Soft background change

Мягкая смена фона на сайте

Сайт с мягкой сменой фона

Sites, the navigation of which takes the user not just across the browser canvas, but, as it were, leads him through the story, smoothly changing the environment, sliding through the sections, stimulating to scroll further and further.


Сайт с интерактивной навигацией

Интерактивный сайт

Thanks to the development of modern Internet technologies, an increase in the speed of the Internet and computer power, the existence of such sites has become a reality. Such resources are reminiscent of Hollywood blockbusters or special effects games. Thanks to a thoughtful design and modern functionality, visitors can navigate through sections like on any other site, but here it looks much more effective.

We hope that our short sketch on the topic of interesting site navigation will inspire designers to creative exploits, and customers to bold experiments.

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