The Impact of Responsive Design on Online Business

Влияние адаптивного дизайна на онлайн-бизнес

We have repeatedly discussed global trends in the growth of mobile traffic, but now we can share our own observations. For most of our clients, traffic from portable devices is at least 10%, and in the absence of an adaptive design in this case, the site receives 75% of bounces from mobile devices. Today we will talk not only about the undeniable benefits of adaptive design, but also consider what areas of business it is needed in the first place.

Benefits of Responsive Design for Online Business

  1. SEO is ecstatic. Responsive design has a positive effect on search engine rankings as the bounce rate from mobile gadgets decreases. The advantage of a resource with adaptive layout over separately created mobile versions of sites is that SEOs do not have to dry their heads about duplicate content. At the same time, Google said that in mobile results, an adaptive site will be ranked in the same way as mobile versions of sites.
  2. Conversion increase. It's simple: the ease of use of the resource always has a positive effect on this indicator. A classic desktop site can be a tough test of a potential client's nerves. Using visits to a mobile phone resource, he will encounter typical navigation problems: constant scrolling, zooming in and out of elements.
  3. Interactivity and additional clients. The ease of use of such a site will certainly attract the attention of the mobile Internet audience. Making purchases “on the go”, always being aware of promotions and offers of your favorite restaurant is a pleasant surprise for new customers and a wonderful bonus for guests.

Online business showing responsive design

Responsive design is of particular value to businesses associated with the service sector. Applications are gaining popularity that prompt the owner of a smartphone or tablet with the address, prices, list of services and the website of all catering, trade and entertainment establishments located nearby. Agree, this is a quick and convenient method of finding a suitable cafe, billiard room or hotel.

Even without using such applications, the user can find a site with acceptable prices, conditions and address using the search. In any case, the result is the same - he goes to the site of the institution and sees ... a depressing picture. Without adaptive layout, the site will not be displayed correctly on the smartphone screen, or it will not load at all.

Онлайн-бизнес в сфере услуг

Online stores also cannot keep up with modern web development trends. We strongly recommend that the owners of such sites pay attention to the traffic of the site and the devices from which it was visited. It is possible that the lack of responsive design leads to loss of customers and a large number of bounces.

According to our observations, a high level of mobile traffic is primarily inherent in sites specializing in goods and services of a high-price and premium segment. It is absolutely logical that such a resource will have an appropriate target audience, with a high percentage of "apple" visitors.

Сайты с товарами выско-ценового сегмента

Statistics will help you determine if your business needs a responsive website. With traffic from mobile devices above 10%, it’s time to think about adaptability.

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