The price of website development or "why so expensive"


Website development and prices for services is one of the first topics that comes up when communicating with customers, so we decided to touch on this topic in more detail in this article.

It is important to understand that each website is an individual project, with its own characteristics, ideas and tasks. It is up to you to choose which site to order: complex, multifunctional, with flash animation and complex graphics, or the simplest business card site with several pages. That is why it is impossible to immediately and unambiguously name the exact cost of services.

The price for the development of each site is individual - it all depends on the customer's wishes for the design, functionality of the site, on the goals and functions to be implemented using the site, as well as on the number and complexity of additional services (site content, maintenance, promotion in search engines).

Finally, the cost of creating a site is influenced by the technologies used, as well as the professional background and experience of those who develop your site.

Why can't prices be low for professional website development?

Many customers at the project discussion stage are confused by prices, they do not understand why it is “so expensive”. They begin to remember that they were offered a site three times cheaper and faster, but they do not say anything about the quality of such services. Obviously, good work takes time and the participation of professionals. That is why an effective website is not done quickly and cheaply. You always have to pay for quality. Quality pays off and brings the expected result. The joy of saving money on website development will very quickly be overshadowed by disappointment from the poor quality of a cheap product.

It is up to you to decide which site your company deserves - amateur or professional. The development of a professional website, especially if it is intended for business, is a painstaking work that requires theoretical and practical training and experience.

Work on the site consists of several interrelated stages (from writing a technical task to promoting the finished site in search engines) and at each of these stages, specialists of the corresponding profile are included in the work. And the price of website development is, first of all, the payment of their labor. The result depends on the degree of their professionalism and the time spent - a truly original, visited and working resource or another unremarkable site of which there are millions.

The Webakula studio keeps prices for the development and promotion of the site at a level that makes our work high-quality, efficient and meaningful. The prices for our services give us the opportunity to provide the same high quality, both in the development of simple business card sites, and complex online stores and various information systems. The results of our work are worth the money spent!

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