The psychology of the online shopper - the latest trends


Психология онлайн-потребителя - последние тенденции The rapid increase in the share of online retail sales is observed all over the world. According to the forecasts of the independent research company Forrester Research in the USA by 2016 it will reach $327 billion, against 252 billion in 2013. Competitors appear like mushrooms after rain. It's time to think about the desires, preferences, expectations of the consumer and ways to please him.

Features of the behavior of the average user

The interests and preferences of site visitors are different, but there are common habits for most.

  1. Among consumers under 40, the percentage of adherents of exclusively online purchases has significantly increased. Even clothes and food are often ordered online.
  2. After waiting 3 seconds for the site to load, 57% of users leave the resource, of which 80% will never visit it again. Скорость загрузки сайта
  3. The increased number of online stores gives consumers the opportunity to explore and analyze, which they willingly use. When choosing the best option, everything is compared - product quality, site convenience, delivery methods. To monitor prices, advanced users use special services and applications, eventually choosing the product with the lowest cost.
  4. 85% of potential customers read online reviews before ordering anything from a website. 79% of them trust reviews from ordinary consumers, as well as expert advice. At the same time, 67% of buyers view up to 6 reviews.
  5. 92.6% of users believe that high-quality detailed visualization has a positive impact on the purchase decision. Numerous product photos from different angles can increase sales by 58%. However, in this case it is necessary to place only real images of products. When returning goods, 25% of customers point out that the product does not match the photo on the site.
  6. 31% of website visitors make a purchase after watching a video, and in 50% a video placed on a product page increases consumer confidence. The rule of product identity on the site and in real life also applies to video reviews. Видео на сайте повышает продажи
  7. It takes 90 seconds for a consumer to evaluate a product and make a purchasing decision.

Requirements of potential customers to the site and service

Spoiled by the variety of offers, consumers are guided by special criteria when choosing an online supplier.

  1. Responsive versions of websites undoubtedly attract mobile device owners. According to recent studies, users who make purchases from smartphones and tablets spend larger amounts of money.
  2. Free product exchanges and returns are common in the US and Europe. For the domestic consumer, this is still an outlandish, but very tempting exception. It can become an indisputable advantage when choosing an online store, as it indicates the high quality of the products provided and the company's loyal attitude towards customers.
  3. Various payment methods are also considered by visitors as an indisputable plus. Working exclusively on cash on delivery significantly narrows the circle of potential customers. Users who order goods and services on the Internet have long been not afraid to pay for purchases online. Различные способы оплаты на сайте
  4. For 59% of buyers, the cost of delivery is one of the criteria for choosing an online store. 44% - refuse the goods because of the high cost of this service. Potential clients also pay great attention to terms. For example, one of the secrets of Amazon's success is the delivery of the order within a maximum of two days.
  5. A skillful combination of online and offline is the pink dream of any consumer. The client will be pleased to touch / try on / smell / try the product in real life, and then order it online at a convenient time. Or, on the contrary, get acquainted with all the advantages and characteristics of a future purchase on the Internet and simply pick up the desired product in an offline store.
  6. Consumers are not averse to boasting a new thing on social networks. Advanced online stores have noticed this trend for a long time and are actively using it for advertising purposes. For reposts, reviews and reviews, they give discounts or gift certificates to their customers. This also includes all kinds of wishlists (wish lists), which appear not only on sites offering their products, but also on third-party resources. This means one thing: people want to tell about future purchases cherished in their dreams, and it is a sin for site owners not to take advantage of this. Website optimization for social networks
  7. The resource itself should be as convenient and pleasant as possible for the user, a potential client will undoubtedly be seduced by:

    • convenient navigation;
    • correctly configured search with hints;
    • detailed product description illustrated with high-quality photo and video materials;
    • cost calculators;
    • actual prices.
  8. The appearance on the Ukrainian market of numerous services with discount coupons is not accidental. Promotional offers with an extremely short validity period are losing ground. Consumers have plenty to choose from, and therefore they are in no hurry to spend their hard-earned this very second. Another thing is coupons with a discount for a month or more - they can be presented to a friend, they provide an opportunity to save up the missing amount of money and carefully familiarize yourself with the options for the products offered.

Modern buyers are spoiled by an abundance of offers, they are categorical, picky, capricious, and all because everyone has probably come across unscrupulous sellers and low-quality products. It is not only and not so much the knowledge of the psychology of the online buyer that will help to win the loyalty of customers for many years, but the perfect service and excellent products.

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