The uniqueness of the content or what search engines punish for.

non-unique content

Each owner of an Internet resource, whether it is a large portal or a site of 10-20 pages, is faced with the issue of filling the pages of his site with content. The easiest way to solve this problem is to find a resource on the same subject and copy the necessary information to your site. For a long time, search engines did not particularly punish sites for placing other people's texts on their pages ...

Of course, this opened up great opportunities for quickly creating sites with a huge number of pages (albeit with not unique content). The sole purpose of such sites was to sell links from the Sape exchange or other specialized exchanges for buying / selling links. Such sites successfully entered the index of search engines, which led to littering the search results with unnecessary garbage. Soon they got the slang name "shit sites" or "GS" for short.

content uniqueness

Since these sites are of no use to network users, and over time, the pace of creating these resources has reached industrial scale, search engines have decided to remove them from their index. For this purpose, the common features of such sites were identified, and for them, in large numbers, grids consisting of hundreds or even thousands of sites were excluded from the index. Thus, the issuance of search engines has become "cleaner" and more informative for the user.

What you need to know so that the search engine does not filter your site and throw it out of the index?

One of the main indicators by which low-quality sites are eliminated is the presence of non-unique content. That is why, in order for your site not to be recognized by the GS and not receive sanctions from search engines, you need to prevent the placement of non-unique content on the pages of your Internet resource. You need to stop borrowing content from other sites for your resource.

Compliance with this rule will protect you from all sorts of changes in the algorithms of Yandex and Google, will not let the search robot doubt the quality of your Internet project, and will help you consistently receive a flow of visitors and potential customers to your site.

Ways to check the text for uniqueness will be covered in one of the following articles.

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