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What is included in the concept of "successful online store"? The most purchased products, the most recognizable label, the first places in the search results? Just a little bit and even more. After all, it is impossible to say for sure that one store is more successful than another, because everyone has different topics, customers and goals.

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The purpose of an online store is perhaps the most important criterion for success. But the problem is that it is impossible to know the target for sure. Someone seeks to earn more, someone wants to sell the goods of their store via the Internet, and someone is interested in promoting the very idea of the product that he sells. After all, it cannot be said that a doctor's shop that sells herbal tea is unsuccessful if it is visited by 1000 people a day. And if the profit for the owner does not play a special role, but the very idea of \u200b\u200bhealthy eating is important, then this site is more successful than many others.

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Below is the top 5 online stores in Ukraine , according to Similarweb and Alexa data for 2019.

1. - private ads on the topics: children's world, real estate, transport, work, animals, home and garden, electronics, services, fashion, hobbies, business.

2. - Companies, goods and services, price lists, tenders and purchases.

3. - online supermarket. Product catalog with photos, descriptions and customer reviews. Delivery across Ukraine.

4. - classified ads in Ukraine, where you can buy or sell equipment, clothes, accessories. Various types of goods and services.

5. is one of the largest car sales websites in Ukraine.

Over the past 5 years, since the last update of our list, the rating has changed a lot, the TOP includes sites for the sale of cars that have never competed with price aggregators in terms of traffic. However, Rozetka remains a constant participant in the rating.

Analyzing the ratings, we did not take into account ordinary stores where there is an opportunity to buy using the Internet, since for them this is only additional profit. Also, all sorts of projects, novelties and startups were not taken into account. Therefore, it makes sense to compare only in certain categories of stores, and not in their total mass. Therefore, one way or another, no rating can be considered completely right or wrong. However, at the same time, every owner of an online store wants his store to be in at least one of them (from the positive, of course, and not in the top 10 most ugly or unprofitable). We wish them all good luck!

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