TOP of the most popular online stores: the secret of their success

Секреты успеха интернет-магазинов

The popularity of online stores in Ukraine does not stop growing. At least once a month, almost 10 million of our compatriots cannot deny themselves the pleasure of shopping in the company of their favorite slippers and the comfort of the familiar atmosphere of their native walls. Every month, Ukrainians enthusiastically click on the pages of more than 100 stores in our country.

TOP-5 or the most popular online stores in Ukraine

The best according to the statistics as of July 25, 2012 are:

  1. (35.7%);
  2. (24.9%);
  3. (16.4%);
  4. (15.3%);
  5. (13.8%).

In parentheses is the percentage of the monthly market coverage by the rating participants, which exceeds 1 million people.

What is the success of popular online stores in Ukraine?

Visitors to online markets are guided by the same criteria for choosing a store as buyers in offline shopping centers: low product prices, availability of certificates and warranty service, the level of work of sales consultants, exclusive offers and discounts.

However, online trading has its own specific nuances. Instead of being able to feel the goods and bargain, customers are keenly interested in the terms of delivery, the availability of various payment options, the reliability and volume of information on the site, check the popularity and reliability of the online store according to customer reviews, and also appreciate the convenience of using the resource.

The main advantages of the leaders of the rating of online stores in Ukraine, which brought them to the top positions


The online store, in addition to guarantees and various types of delivery and payment, also has at its disposal a convenient website menu with detailed lists of categories and subcategories of goods in alphabetical order.


The main advantages of are the widest range of products: from electronic devices and clothing to real estate ads and animals for sale. Despite the impressive number of categories, the site is well structured, with a separate section for special offers and discounts, as well as a unique auction section.

Клуб Семейного Досуга

Detailed annotations to books, regular sales and prize drawings attract visitors to the site , and a wide range of literature for every taste turns them into customers. Comments from other book lovers help to make a choice.


Pleasant design, a huge number of discounts and promotions, a section with popular products this season and sales leaders on the website do not leave indifferent a large percentage of online shopping fans. +100 to the karma of the creators of the store are added such useful and important aspects as: a detailed description of the goods, the presence of a discount system, articles and reviews. Especially pleasant for a mere mortal are comments from customers, the ability to assign star ratings to a product and talk frankly about its pros and cons.


The laconic design of not only pleases the eye, but also helps to quickly navigate the site, where, in addition to the main categories of goods, there is also a flea market with offers for sale and everyone's favorite discounts.

Interestingly, the number of fans of the above stores on facebook (May 2013) is not directly proportional to their attendance:

  1. - 117 783;
  2. – 2,816;
  3. - 2 439;
  4. – 11 578;
  5. - 5 218.

The main components of success are not only high-quality goods and tempting discounts, but also excellent service. All of the above online stores cherish and cherish their customers, providing them with prompt delivery, high-quality support, as well as a detailed and reliable description of the goods.

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