Trends in the development of the Ukrainian Internet


In the modern world, probably, there is not a single person who has never heard of the Internet. Now it is such a popular resource that perhaps in the near future the Internet will be installed by default in every house or apartment, such as gas or electricity. Therefore, it is not surprising that every day there are more and more Internet users. But still, it is interesting what are the trends in the development of the Ukrainian Internet. To do this, let's turn to some numbers, statistics and small studies conducted at the end of 2009.

As reported on the site, in December 2009 there was an increase in the number of Ukrainian Internet users - by 16.79% compared to November. The total was 15,309,902 unique users per month, while there were only 13,108,541 users in November.

There were no significant changes in the geographical distribution of users. As before, the Kyiv region is in the lead. The share of users in this region is 58.81% of the total audience, while the Volyn and Zhytomyr regions have the least activity, only 0.10% and 0.15%, respectively, and the Chernivtsi region has 0.27%. Further, in descending order, follow such large regions as: Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kharkov, Lvov, Crimea, Zaporozhye. Their total share is 30.43%. Other regions accounted for 10.24%.

Among the search engines from which the Ukrainian audience made transitions to Ukrainian sites, Google was the leader - transitions from this search engine amounted to 74.97%. Next come Yandex (18.27%), (2.10%), (1.79%), (0.74%).

The most popular search queries among users: weather, car market,, weather in Kyiv, news.
The most used operating system among Ukrainians remains MS Windows XP, preferred by 75.3% of users.

As reported at according to "GfK Ukraine" the volume of Internet penetration at the end of 2009 amounted to 27-30%. According to the executive director of the Ukrainian Association of Internet Advertising (UAIR) Andrey Zablotsky, after the Internet penetration reaches 35-40%, an explosive growth of the audience up to 50% is possible in the shortest possible time. After that, the audience will grow quite moderately up to 70-80%.

“In 2010, Ukraine expects a fairly rapid development of the Internet and no less rapid development of Internet projects. Connections by the middle of 2011 will create a penetration of up to 50%-60%, which will already equate the Internet market of Ukraine with the market of developed countries,” predicts A. Zablotsky.

During 2009, not only the number of Uanet users changed, but also their behavior on the network. The average user in Ukraine has become much more active, says Dmitry Lysyuk, Executive Director of the Gemius Ukraine research company: “The average time per user spent on the Internet during the month has more than doubled: from 2 hours 53 minutes. in November 2008 until 6:28 a.m. in November 2009. And the average number of visits - from 20.09 to 44.93 per month. At the same time, according to the company, 52% of the audience are men, and 48% are women.

Thus, the audience of the Ukrainian Internet is constantly growing and today's investments in the creation of the site , promotion and promotion of the site will provide your business with potential customers both today and tomorrow.

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