Trigger mailings: when, to whom and why are they needed?


Trigger mailings

Trigger mailings are letters sent to customers by e-mail. But they have several features that turn the standard "communication" with the client into an effective marketing tool.

Trigger ≠ spam

Trigger not spam Trigger emails are actively used to work with clients. They are helping:

  • attract new customers;
  • retain existing customers, warm up their consumer interest, help make new deals;
  • increase conversion.

If you have made a purchase at least once in a popular online store, you will definitely come across trigger emails. They are not sent in bulk and are always individualized: they react to your specific actions and whether they draw attention to the event.

Seven options for trigger mailings

Trigger mailing options As you know, there can be many reasons to contact a client. And there are standard types of letters that help maintain customer feedback depending on the situation.

Greetings. Dispatched immediately after registration. Here they place both standard information about the company and recommendations about the first purchases. You can attract customers by mentioning promotions, discounts, the best prices. It is best to address each client individually.

Cross-sale or letters offering to complete the deal. This is a kind of after-sales incentive, a demonstration of customer care - "didn't you forget to buy more ...?". In such a mailing, you can combine information about an order already made and information about additional accessories. This will help to remain unobtrusive and offer a specific block of purchases. After the transaction is completed, you can send 2-3 more letters of offer with "accompanying" accessories. It is better to limit the number of products for cross-sale, but at the same time add to the information those items that are in special demand and end quickly or are even rare in your assortment. In this way, we turn on the feeling of "an imminent loss" and help the client make a decision quickly.

Reminder of an incomplete order.Incomplete Order Reminder If the basket is “abandoned”, filling it with goods, then it is worth reminding the client about the company and trying to complete the transaction. This distribution is carried out in several stages. So, after a few hours, the client should be reminded of an unfinished order. The next day, it is advisable to mention the purchase bonuses in the letter. It is clear that the bonus must be valid for a limited time. Moreover, it would not be out of place to indicate that the goods are already on hold, ready for shipment - this will demonstrate your concern for each customer and help to “turn on” a sense of responsibility. But even if there is no reaction, in the next letter you can offer to subscribe to the mailing list so that the client is the first to receive notifications about new products.

Letters that take into account the behavior on the site. To do this, you need to analyze the behavior of a potential customer. So, he could sort products by features/categories/price/color. It would be great if this fact is taken into account in the next letter to offer favorable prices for the categories that interested him.

So, if the visitor sorted the goods in the catalog or simply looked through them, read the reviews and studied the characteristics, but did not “bring” the goods to the basket, then you can connect a trigger mailing to complete the transaction. The sent letter must be meaningful and personalized, thought out to the smallest detail. His task is to return the client, eliminate possible doubts and fears, and encourage him to complete the transaction. Accordingly, maximum information is provided about the product and terms of cooperation.

Letters that can bring back old customers. They are created for those who have not visited your resource for a long time. Here you can talk about new profitable offers, expanding the catalog, updating the bonus program or connecting a cumulative discount system. It is advisable to send such a letter after an analysis that allows you to find out what forced the client to stop cooperation.

Letters about. Birthdays, company anniversaries, New Year's Day and Women's Day, and many other less common holidays, from Hug Day to Letter Day. And of course, you will find a lot of reasons to offer discounts to customers - perhaps it was on this day that the first vinyl wallpaper was invented, and your company decided to coincide with the anniversary sale of popular collections?

Letters of thanks. Thank You Letters Perhaps companies really should thank their customers more often and do it sincerely. After registration and after each purchase, do not forget to express gratitude to customers. This is always appreciated.

So what are trigger emails? This is a great tool to increase conversions and create a large-scale base of loyal customers. Standard mailing lists (especially spam!) do not provide such results. Is your business already using trigger mailings?

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