Using Facebook to Keep Customers Engaged: Remarketing Rules


Ремаркетинг Facebook Not every site visitor will become a buyer and not every buyer will come back to you. But you can use the Facebook return method, which is affordable but incredibly effective.

How Facebook remarketing works

A special code is embedded in the site, which will collect data about visitors. And only those of them who have previously visited the site will see ads. This Facebook functionality allows you to save and maintain contact with "warm" customers. Now it will be easier for you to be reminded of:

  • current discounts;
  • goods forgotten in the shopping cart;
  • the appearance of a new range or related accessories.

Thus, you remove the annoyance from intrusive advertising that surrounds customers at every turn. After all, a reminder will come from a friendly social network without causing rejection.

Moreover, Facebook offers to track additional characteristics - interests, geographic location, demographic information.

The nuances of setting up remarketing

Нюансы настройки ремаркетинга First of all, you need to install the Facebook pixel - this is the part of the code that will analyze and optimize the audience. Initially, it is configured individually, including those users who visited the site between 1-180 days ago.

You should select the time of the last visit to the site, and after that - name the audience. However, keep in mind that 180 days may be too long. Although it provides a greater reach of the audience, but where is the guarantee that the client will be in a familiar place? This is especially true for those sites that have been redesigned over the past six months.

After the audience is selected, proceed to the creation of advertising. is used for this - after pressing the green button, you will go to the section for creating advertising messages and there you can select the goals that can be achieved by such advertising.

To select goals, you need to paste the site URL and stop at the tracked conversion - this can be sales or another task. After that, you can start targeting already - for this, an audience already configured by you is added.

How is targeting done?

Как проводится таргетирование To reach a wide audience, no further settings are needed - the total number of site visitors with existing age and region restrictions is enough. But in order for remarketing to bring even more, you should study the statistics of Page Insights. This Facebook “trick” will help you visually get to know those people who are interested in your brand: the language of communication, and the place of work, and the education received. Accordingly, when setting up targeted advertising, you can take into account all these parameters.

The final step is to adjust pricing. A budget of more than $15 daily can provide high conversions. But you can set another amount - any convenient for you. With the help of Facebook, you can also optimize advertising costs, choose the best price to ensure maximum conversion. And every time the ad works, the payment will be charged. But you can always set pay-per-clicks if this approach seems incorrect to you.

Opportunity for experimentation

ремаркетинг эксперименты To eliminate obsession, conduct experiments - with pictures and names, types of messages. So, with the help of Facebook Power Editor, it is easy to create a “carousel” where several pictures with different products and links are combined.

When the settings are over, you should confirm the launch of the advertisement by clicking "place order". This will automatically launch a Facebook remarketing campaign that will pay back the money spent as quickly as possible.

But you will need to add UTM tags - with their help, it becomes possible to track where exactly the user came to you from. To do this in Power Editor advertising messages, in the "Edit" field, enter the UTM code in the URL tags. This will ensure that traffic sources are tracked – this is how ads with the highest conversion are found.

However, it is worth considering that retargeting requires your constant participation - advertising will have to be reconfigured and tested, and several advertising campaigns will be launched in parallel. By using Facebook remarketing, you will make your online business more successful. This is exactly the case when the relevance of advertising is provided by budget investments.

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