Version 8 of Chrome released

As planned, exactly 6 weeks after the release of the seventh version of the Google browser, Chrome 8 was born. The new version has a built-in PDF viewer that runs in Sandbox mode. Also the other day, the Flash plugin started working in the browser in protected mode, but these changes did not have time to get into the final version of Chrome 8.

Also, the browser began to officially support web applications that can be installed after the launch of the Chrome Web Store. Presumably this will take place simultaneously with the presentation of Chrome OS, that is, most likely in early 2011. Considering that Chrome 9 is scheduled to be released in mid-January, but Google decided to add support for online programs right now, most likely it will not be long to wait. Options now also include the ability to synchronize web applications between different browser versions.

The special settings menu, which is invoked by the "about:flags" command in the address bar, contains options for displaying tabs on the side, enabling instant search when typing in the address bar, automatically disabling obsolete plugins, hardware acceleration, remote control, and cloud printing.

In total, more than 800 bugs have been fixed in the eighth version of the browser.

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