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Сайты с видео за и против

We have repeatedly said: "Video is a trend." We are echoed by the results of recent surveys: 78% of users use the Internet to search for video content. So why not give the public what it asks for? Because everywhere and everywhere there are limitations, specific features, tricks and secrets, especially when it comes to video backgrounds.

Tandem of video and web design

Video is an ideal way to captivate, interest and intrigue the site visitor. In domestic open spaces, this technique has not yet become boring to users, and therefore is perceived as something fresh, fashionable and extraordinary.

Most often rollers are used as:

  • advertisements or promotions on the main page of the site;
  • additional demonstration of goods;
  • as video background.

With the first two points, everything is more or less clear, if used correctly, they will not bring damage to the site or user convenience - they have practically no drawbacks. Naturally, not every business needs videos, but even a bank or a real estate company can use a couple of short and bright videos that tell about the principles of the company, competitive advantages, types of services or promotional offers. We will talk about the use of a full-screen video as a background separately and in more detail.

FOR using video backgrounds

  1. Individuality. Yes, without a video, the site will not become faded and faceless, but if you make such a background, then it is fully consistent with the field of activity of the company, revealing the originality of the brand and the uniqueness of the product. Using the potential of the roller to the maximum, you can achieve impressive results. Video, like familiar sliders, can include advertising elements, a detailed and unusual demonstration of a product or service. A high-quality, well-thought-out video will undoubtedly positively influence the decision of a site visitor to purchase the offered products. On the site of a company that designs and installs pools, a video with people diving into the water looks organic and appropriate - . Video backgrounds give the site personality
  2. Dynamics. Motion is a captivating visual effect that makes a site interactive. For example, the French gallery of modern art shows artists at work. Сайты с видео фоном динамичны
  3. Increasing visitor interest. The video background captivates the user and it takes much more time to contemplate the site, which in turn will be to the taste of search engines and will respond by improving the ranking of the resource. Rollers usually catalyze the curiosity of the site visitor. A trendy and unusual technique usually indicates that the site is modern, interesting, of high quality and worth exploring in more detail. On some sites you can find individual video backgrounds for each section - . Видео фон увеличивает интерес посетителей сайта

VS video backgrounds

  1. Special requirements for video. The site should load quickly and look attractive - sometimes finding the sweet spot is not easy even without a video as a background. The size of the video is of great importance, the larger it is, the slower the resource works.
  2. Specific navigation and structure. Websites with videos need to develop clear and simple navigation. An overloaded and confusing resource, no matter how attractive it may be, is unlikely to please the visitor.
  3. Ideal content layout. Video in some cases can capture the user's attention so much that the rest of the content of the site fades into the background. To avoid such an unpleasant incident, you should take into account the size and color of the typography, correctly position the content.

Pay attention to the relevance, not the relevance of the trend. Remember that the quality of a resource depends not only on talented designers and competent developers, but also on the quality of the source materials provided by the customer.

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