W3C: IE9 is the best browser for HTML5

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) conducted the first official tests of browsers for compliance with HTML5 standards. It turned out that Microsoft is the best at supporting new standards. Tests were run on Google Chrome (7.0.517.41 beta), Firefox 4 (Beta 6), Opera 10.60, and Safari 5 (5.0.7533.16), as well as the latest Internet Explorer 9 platform preview. five groups of tests out of seven (100% result) and good in the remaining two. Other browsers performed worse in the tests.

True, there is some remark: the tests do not yet cover all the specifications of the HTML5 standard. Therefore, it remains to be seen how the same browsers will behave in the missing categories.

Some idea of what the real picture is in the area of HTML5 compliance is given by the independent tests html5test. The same Internet Explorer Platform Preview 6 scores only 106 points out of 300 (plus 5 bonuses), while, for example, Google Chrome 7 beta scores 231 points and 12 bonuses. Note that just in the categories that are not yet in the W3C tests, IE has very weak performance.

Needless to say, the IE development team is hard at work, which is why the IE9 beta is an unexpectedly pleasant experience.

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