Want to get more calls? Take advantage of "Only phone number" from Google Adwords



Fewer people use computers to search for goods or services. They prefer to do it using mobile gadgets. Firstly, it is always at hand, and secondly, having found what you need via mobile, you can immediately call to find out all the necessary information. So if the number of clicks on the site is not important for your company, but the number of calls is important, use the contextual advertising campaign from Google Adwords called “Only a phone number”. This is a great solution for conducting RK on mobile gadgets, when every click, perhaps, will become a call to the company.

What is the feature?

specialness The peculiarity of this ad is that a person does not need to go to the site. The user sees your ad in the search results and all he has to do is click on the "Call" button. After pressing the payment is withdrawn, the number is automatically copied to the phone and the call is made.

“Only a phone number” is the optimal solution for taxi service, cargo transportation, calling tow trucks, calling masters, making an appointment with a doctor. The advertiser is only required to place all the basic information in the text of the ad (address, cost, etc.).

Step-by-step instruction

Powagovaya instruction

  1. New Campaign

    123de1 In the settings, select "Only search network", then "Only phone number". This means that your call-to-call ads will only show on mobile.

  2. Bid strategy Screenshot_6

    In "Bid strategy" select "Maximum clicks". The system recommends choosing exactly the maximum number of clicks in order to set the maximum bid. A high bid reflects how valuable calls are to your company. In any strategy that the Google system offers its users, there is an opportunity to create your own and subsequently use it for other campaigns.

  3. Display ads

    It is important to remember that impression scheduling is not available for the following strategies:

    • Target CPA.
    • The maximum number of clicks.
    • Target return on advertising investment.

    That is, if the operating mode is not round-the-clock, the above strategies do not suit you.

  4. Ad Screenshot_5 Before writing the content of the ad, consider what questions the user is interested in and answer them in the text of the ad. Due to the fact that the transition to the site is not provided, instead of "Final URL" the line has changed to "Confirmation URL". The site address is used only to confirm the phone number specified in the ad. Accordingly, the phone number on the site and in the ad should not be different.
  5. Keywords

    Nothing new here. Keywords are added according to the same principle as in other advertising campaigns. Also, don't forget about stop words.

The campaign is ready to launch!

Important to remember

Vawno remembers

  • The cost of a click in such a campaign is usually higher than in a standard search campaign.
  • Remember that "Only phone number" is not suitable for all topics. Therefore, before deciding, soberly assess the feasibility of participating in such a RC.
  • Payment will be charged per call, not per click. Even if the user changes his mind and cancels the call, the fee will still be charged.

Despite this, such an advertising campaign in suitable topics has great potential. Dare!

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