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I never tire of repeating that web design can be different, you should not put yourself in a box. Standard headers, right and left sidebars, footer with copyright, smooth and even gradients or boring photographs depicting negotiations, etc. But if you want freshness and color, you can resort to this technique - add watercolor to the site, whether it's a background or an illustration, and your site will qualitatively stand out among the gray mass of millions of sites. So, a small review of sites in watercolor style.

Website Football is made in Africa www.footballmadeinafrica.com

football website in watercolor drawing style

Graphic designer Fabian Barral website http://imoments.org/


Agami creative web studio

cool site

Site of construction company erguvanplatin


The Little Polar Bear website for climate change research www.smallwhitebear.com


Website of designer Giancarlo Fajardo www.giancarlo-fajardo.com


Designer Matt Salik website www.mattsalik.com


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