We turn visitors into buyers. What to do with those who only look, but do not buy


Users browsing your site are a valuable resource. After all, they are the ones who make the profit. But do not think that only those who place an order in your online store are useful. In fact, those visitors who left without a purchase are also very important. It is necessary to understand their motives in order to correct mistakes and bring customers to checkout next time.

Tests and surveys

Тестирования и опросы

The easiest way to understand what is wrong is simply by asking. Prepare a banner that will pop up every time a user is about to close your site. Here you can even use “forbidden tricks” like cats and extremely low discounts: the main thing is that the user notices the banner, changes his mind about leaving and agrees to answer questions. There shouldn't be too many questions. In addition, they should be such that you can then analyze and find the true reason for the visitor's behavior.

We recommend asking closed and open questions . The first option, with monosyllabic yes/no answers, will require less time from the visitor and will give a clear statistical pattern when evaluating several questionnaires. Open-ended questions require more "return" from the visitor, so they are often completely ignored. But if they are answered, then you get an almost detailed guide to action. Don't forget: the banner should only appear when leaving, not when the user tries to switch between sections.

Рекомендуем задавать закрытые и открытые вопросы

In addition to the survey, testing is also suitable. You can conduct classic usability testing and understand how user-friendly the site is in general. There is a standard algorithm for such jobs:

  1. It will take from 5 to 10 people included in the segment of your target audience. They can be found on the ad, in social networks.
  2. Formulate the terms of reference - for example, searching for a specific model of equipment, placing an order, and so on.
  3. After testing, it remains only to analyze the results and find out where and which component “slows down” the transaction.

How to evaluate the experience of loyal customers

Как оценить опыт лояльных клиентов

A group of active visitors and buyers can also provide a lot of information to help prevent customer loss. But do not force them to test the old site - it will not give you any new information. Loyal users are best attracted when a new version of the site is launched, after a redesign, or when assessing user demand for a new version of the product.

It remains to implement the plan in practice. Usually, posting a recruiting questionnaire inviting you to take part in paid surveys gives a good result. But you will need not only an attractive ad and a base for saving and processing the results, but also a reward for testers. Products with your logo can be a great motivator, but not always. It is important to clearly understand the target audience, otherwise there is a risk of making a mistake.

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