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I would like to draw your attention to the fact that creating a good site requires taste and knowledge of the many factors that make it work. A good design solution balances these often conflicting factors. I use the term " web 2.0 design" to refer to the style that is characteristic of the modern school of web design.

Today, simple, bold and elegant design solutions allow you to say more, and at the same time using fewer words.

  • They allow designers to jump right into the theme of the site, directing the visitor's eye to the main elements, with a few well-chosen visual effects.
  • They don't use many words, but they say more, and carefully select images to achieve the desired effect.
  • They reject the idea that you can't guess what visitors want from your site.

Design 2.0 is clean and simple, but that doesn't mean all sites should be minimalistic, we should use as many elements as needed to achieve our goal. The principle is this: if there are two solutions, use the one that is easier.

The job of designers is to help users find what they need (or pay attention to what the site wants to convey to them).

Design elements are eye-catching. The more superfluous, the less likely that the user will pay attention to the most important material.

You need to remove all optional components in the layout. It is necessary to use as many graphics as necessary to convey the idea to the user, to attract attention, to establish a connection.

Do not use more than three columns in the site!

The header should attract the user and indicate the essence of the site, emphasize the most important.

There must be a simple and understandable navigation so that the user does not get confused in the endless labyrinths of your pages, for convenience it is good to duplicate navigation.

The logo should not be "flashy" or too complex, but as simple as possible, memorable.

There should be no confusion about the importance of elements, there should be a hierarchy, otherwise it will distract the user from what is really important.

Simple, easy, affordable - that's what you need to be guided by to create web 2.0 products.

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