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Today, in the era of IT development and the general development of communications, it becomes clearer every day that every company or company that has the slightest respect for itself should have its own website. The site is not only a confirmation of the importance of the company, but also an effective advertising tool.

And from whom to order the development, creation of a site in Kharkov, Ukraine? Choose a well-known web studio as a developer of the company's website, or still save money and order a website for a familiar student? Looking for an artist, it turns out that the number of web studios for the development and creation of sites is simply huge. And which of these web studios to entrust the creation of your site? Let's try to answer this question.

It is not difficult to find out that website development in Kharkov , web design is quite popular in Kharkov and is represented by a large number of web studios . All proposals for website development in Kharkov and Ukraine as a whole can be divided into several categories: professional web studios , single web designers - often these are groups of freelance students. Naturally, each category has its own advantages.

A professional web studio is an official organization, which in turn means that all requirements and wishes for the site will be documented, included in the contract, and thus the customer receives a guarantee that the final result will reflect his wishes and requirements.

Website development is not quite a simple matter, and theoretically, of course, a computer scientist student can create a website for you , but it’s hard to vouch for the result of the work, while contacting a web studio , you get guarantees of quality and professionalism. In addition, web studios, in addition to website development, often offer a full range of services for the development, maintenance, promotion and round-the-clock support of the site , which is beyond the power of even the most talented single web designer.

So, working with a web studio involves the convenience and comfort of relationships:
  • You can pay both in cash and by bank transfer,
  • come to the office to get acquainted with the progress of work on your project,
  • The performer will not disappear with a deposit at the most inopportune moment,
  • You can be sure that your site is not an experiment - will it work or not?
  • You get guarantees - which means a lot in our time.

In other words - any whim of the client. It is worth noting that in the case of a large and complex project, the probability of its successful completion by a cohesive and coordinated team of a web studio is much higher than as a result of the work of even a very professionally competent lone programmer.

But all of the above does not mean that the advantages of web studios are total, and single web designers simply have nothing to do in the market for such services. Individual talents or web design teams also have a number of advantages over web studios .

Benefits of working with freelance students:
  • Price. Firstly, it is quite obvious that the cost of services of even an inexpensive web studio differs significantly from that requested by a freelance student, and is clearly not in favor of a web studio . Therefore, choosing the services of "free" web designers , you can save a lot on website development . In addition, without entering into a legal contract, as in the case of a web studio , you have space for reflection and changes in the initial task during the development of the site . After all, not always and not everything can be foreseen.
  • Timing. The advantage of web designers working individually is the ability to set shorter deadlines for order execution. Web studios usually designate a deadline based on the flow of customers passing through the studio. An individual web designer can prepare an urgent order, because he often works with one client. Although it is not uncommon for freelancers to disappear after receiving a deposit.
  • Quality. Sometimes the advantages of singles include the fact that a web designer is interested in the quality of his work, as he works exclusively for himself and his image. In a web studio , one project that does not have global financial significance can be developed by several people who care exclusively about the implementation of their part of the project, not at all interested in the overall result, which may affect the final result of the site development . Moreover, a lone programmer often embodies the additional wishes of the customer free of charge, on account of the amount already paid for the resource, which no web studio will ever do. Although there are many examples to the contrary.

Based on the foregoing, it is difficult to draw conclusions about what to prefer - a web studio or the services of a single web designer. The answer to the question depends on many factors: on the estimated budget for implementing your ideas and on the complexity of the project itself. If the budget of the future site is very limited, then it is better, of course, to choose a group of web designers or a single programmer, their services will cost much less than the services of a professional web studio .

In the case of a complex project consisting of a certain number of individually developed services, and even with further maintenance, it is worth giving preference to a web studio , where web designers have experience working with labor-intensive and complex sites, programmers have the potential necessary to implement the software part, as well as the web studio will be able to offer you the further maintenance of this project. It is almost impossible for one person to do this amount of work. Although, it is worth noting that among singles there are rare talents.

In other words, the simpler the site for which you are looking for a developer, the greater the advantage for single web designers and web designer groups. They have short deadlines and low prices on their side. Accordingly, the more complex the site project for which you are looking for a contractor, the greater the risk you are exposed to by resorting to the services of single programmers, and it is better to contact a professional studio capable of completing such a complex order.

After weighing all the pros and cons of web studios , we can say that, of course, a professional web studio means security, quality assurance, level of service, ease of payment, contractual relations and much more, but you usually have to pay for the benefits.

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