Web studio services: fairy tales and reality

Услуги веб-студий: сказки и реальность

It is pleasant to realize that by 2013 the Internet competence of users has increased tenfold. Many clients come to us well prepared, with clear goals, a plan of action, or at least a set of wishes. However, for some, Internet marketing is still an unknown animal, and a web studio is a kind of humpbacked horse that fulfills one desire after another, patiently teaches the client and guides on the right path. Is it so? Let's figure it out.

Fairy tales

Often web studios promise to increase your sales. In fact, this is more of an enticing advertising ploy than a 100% guarantee of the growth of your income in online trading. The services of a web studio, from creating, auditing and optimizing a site to contextual advertising and promotion in social networks, are aimed at increasing sales, but no agency can guarantee “mountains of gold”. Why? Because the success of any business also depends on other equally important factors:

  • quality of goods and services;
  • competitive price;
  • business strategies;
  • service;
  • organization of business processes;
  • economic payback of the project.

Real pros will not tell you fables that the Internet is a panacea for troubles. The site will not magically turn into a convenient and effective sales tool, and online trading will not hide the existing problems of offline business. It will not work to brush aside unresolved issues, quite the contrary.

The site, like a capricious princess, requires constant attention and additional work on modernization, advertising and optimization. In other words, in addition to expanding the geography and number of customers, entering new markets and additional profits, your resource will add trouble and work to you. It's different only in fairy tales ;)

Dispelling popular customer misconceptions:
  1. You can create a website, order promotion or advertising once, and receive income from it for another 10 years. This does not happen, and has not happened for a long time. No one has canceled competition on the Internet, therefore, with a certain frequency, it is necessary to audit the site, order its advertising and optimization, “refresh” the design and follow the trends of the Internet business.
  2. A web studio knows better in which direction the business should develop. Let's reveal a terrible secret: no one knows this better than you, even if your experience in trading or providing services is more modest than that of web specialists. The ideal scenario is to identify specific goals that you want to achieve with the help of the site and bring them to life with the help of professionals.
  3. A web agency will solve any business problems. Internet marketers can point out shortcomings associated with the positioning of goods or services, but it is your task to improve their quality and form a price.
  4. Any website can be promoted. No, it's not. Just trust our experience. The quality of the site really affects the promotion.
  5. The services provided by web studios are the same. Again - no. Each company has a different experience, approach, “chips”, if you like. For example, the same SEO promotion service can be radically different in different companies in terms of method and timing.


What then are the numerous web studios doing? Internet marketing is based on the same principles as classical marketing, focusing on price, product, place of sale and promotion (advertising). It is the solution of problems on the last two points that makes web specialists strain their brains in the workplace.

Summarizing all of the above, we can finally outline what goals can be achieved by contacting a web studio:

  1. The site is easily found in search engines by potential customers.
  2. Increases brand awareness.
  3. Website visitors are more likely to become its customers.

It would seem that three points is not a lot, but it is not easy to achieve these goals, this is where the whole range of services provided by web studios comes in handy. Internet marketers know what a convenient, understandable, creative, selling site looks like, what the content should be like, what the client needs and what he pays attention to in the first place. They follow all the fashion trends of the web world and do not lose sight of technical innovations. However, one very important point should be remembered: in order to build a successful online business development strategy, both parties (both the client and the web studio) must coordinate their actions. Only joint partner work on the site and the simultaneous improvement of business processes and service by the client will give ripe, financially tangible results.

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