Website design development and the influence of color on a person


Website design development is, first of all, a competent selection of color solutions for future design. This is a very important step, because color is the first thing we react to. Color, often having a strong psychological impact, subconsciously influences our choice, and in the case of design development, it makes us want to return to the resource and use the services or goods offered on it.

Different colors affect our emotional and physical state in different ways. They can cause both positive and negative emotions. That is why the development of website design must be carried out with the understanding that color is a powerful marketing tool.

It is no secret that a person makes the final decision to buy a product or service under the influence of the right color. A designer who knows how to manage color and understands how colors affect people's emotions and feelings is able to develop a truly successful website design that will make the right impression on the user on their first visit.

To help you navigate the world of color solutions correctly, we want to remind you of the meanings and properties of primary colors:

Red is the most catchy, eye-catching color without competition. He is active, energetic, aggressive. Associated with fire, passion, life, activity. He can both irritate and excite, he is able to give strength, and can cause concern. Each person perceives red differently. In website design, red is best used with cool shades (blue, green, etc.).

Orange helps to get rid of unpleasant emotions, helps in communication, gives cheerfulness. Being between red and yellow colors, orange has their properties.

Yellow , of course, is the color of the sun, fun, lightness and freedom. It improves the tone of a person, helps to improve mood, helps to accept new ideas. A site using yellow evokes ease and lightness in visitors.

Blue is a calm and prudent color. It evokes a feeling of security and stability. Helps to focus and realize your ideas. Doesn't tire the eyes. In the design of the site, it is recommended to combine the blue color with other, more neutral shades.

Blue is the color of sincerity and peace. Gives creativity to the website, helps to quickly get used to changes.

Green is the closest color to nature. Embodies harmony, kindness, naturalness. Has a relaxing effect.

Gray is a neutral and free color. Does not cause strong emotional reactions. He is dignified, cold and formal.

Black is associated with mystery, conservatism. It inspires respect and endows a person with a sense of dignity and power.

When developing a website design, you should take into account all the nuances in order to provide visitors with the most comfortable stay on your site. A well-chosen color scheme will create a favorable atmosphere, easily encourage visitors to take certain actions or give them the impressions and motives you need.

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