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A website is not only a business management tool, but also a stylish interactive advertisement and excellent web design , with the help of which an impression of your company and activities is created.

Website design is your face, your front door.

Web site design is what the visitor sees and pays attention to. First of all, web design depends on what it is filled with and what its structure is, the more expensive and convenient the web site design is , the better impression your customers have about your company.

When designing a website design, it is necessary to determine the goals and objectives, i.e. who is this site for, what is it for. The totality of all factors should be clearly thought out, structured, so that in the future the site being designed can quickly take a leading position in the rankings in Internet search engines, and web design plays an important role in this process.

A professionally prepared web site design - a stylish, memorable design, developed specifically for your company - is the way to success.

    Each specific task of creating a website design requires specific implementations from a web designer:
  • promotional sites should attract with their bright, memorable appearance;
  • business websites embody corporate identity, stability and trust;
  • the online store dictates its requirements for ergonomics due to the large amount of information.

Therefore, it is obvious that the design of a web site is an obligatory first step that must be taken on the way to creating a web resource (site).

Organization - the site should be a clear and transparent structure for the convenience of users, the simplicity and clarity of site navigation are the basic concepts of the organization.

  • simplicity: includes only the most important elements for communication;
  • clarity: each element of the site should be clear and not cause questions;
  • uniqueness: all main elements and their properties must be unique;
  • expressiveness: all the most important elements should be easily perceived.

Communication - needs to meet the user's expectations, and is in balance with legibility, readability, typography, symbolism, colors and textures.

    To achieve a functional and effective website design, you should take into account, and it is better to follow the following rules:
  • the web page should be as clear as possible to the user;
  • less required actions from the user, then he will be more willing to use one or another service;
  • it is necessary to manage the user's attention;
  • all functions of the site must be visible to the user;
  • it is necessary to write an effective and understandable text;
  • the principle of striving for simplicity should be the fundamental principle of design;
  • no need to clutter up the site, free space can serve as a design element;
  • interact with users through the "design language";
  • follow the generally accepted agreed design of the site elements;
  • Conducting ongoing usability testing.

Functional and stylish web site design is not the only condition for a successful web site. The site content determines how long a visitor will stay on your resource, how often they will return, how many visitors will come for search queries. Website content is an extremely important factor in the success of a website. Therefore, you need to make sure that there is always interesting, fresh and unique content that is well indexed by search engines. Website content is just as important as design and is the second mandatory step on the way to a successful project.

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