Website Design Styles: Part Four - Websites with Photo and Video Backgrounds

Site styles

You can make an impressive and memorable website using interesting background photos and videos. Of course, such a design is not suitable for all types of sites, this is not a universal technique, moreover, such sites are often with flash, they do not load very quickly and are difficult to optimize. I would recommend using photo and video backgrounds for image, corporate and promo sites.

What is the recipe for creating sites with photo and video backgrounds?

  • high-quality, unique and interesting photo or video;
  • competent typography;
  • transparent blocks for text and icons;
  • Do not overload the site with unnecessary information.

Sites with background photos

Often, on such sites, the menu is hidden, for example, it can appear when you hover over a logo or some kind of symbol, this allows you not to clutter up the background image and creates an interactivity effect.


photo on the background of the site

Nike skateboarding

nike website

The background image can change, which is also a good move to attract attention. In this case, it is important that when changing the image, the user can always clearly see the logo, important inscriptions and buttons, a variety of plates and highlights will come in handy, you can also change the font color to a contrasting one.

James Richardson

background image


bid background image

Cenwood kitchens

lkitchen design

The expanded menu can be positioned however you like. Most sites use a horizontal menu, but there are also vertical and randomly placed menu items.


background for the site


background photography


photo background

netlash bseen

Photo background

Poco people


Websites with videophones

Videophones are an interesting thing, but the process of creation is very time-consuming. You can create a special video about your company, shoot colleagues in the workflow or place a large panorama of the office (I decided to classify the virtual tour as video backgrounds), in general, what do you have enough imagination for, and of course money :)


virtual tour

social design house

video site


video background on the website

Ohland music

site styles

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