Website Design Styles: Part Six - Newspaper Style

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Once upon a time, hardly any of the youth remembers this... People in the mornings, in order to find out the latest news, bought... At the kiosks of the soyuzpechat... Newspapers :) not the best newspaper, but now the newspaper style has taken a solid position among information and news portals. If your site has a lot of disparate content that is difficult to combine, I recommend turning to the newspaper style.

To get a newspaper style, you need to follow the following conditional rules:
  • the site must be of a fixed size. there is nothing worse than finding something on a site with a bunch of announcements that stretches over 1600 px;
  • the site contains from 2 to 4 columns;
  • the header of the site should be small and contain the logo and menu of the site, it is advisable to place a search there;
  • fresh information is placed up to the fold line, often the news circulates in the form of a slide show with a photo and a headline;
  • Feel free to use interesting typography.
I note that the newspaper style may contain elements of retro, grunge, there may be drawn navigation, etc. Now we look at examples of good sites and get inspired. Clutch newspaper style Good newspaper style Black Book newspaper style Macalicious Newspaper website Vanity Fair newspaper style website computer arts Newspaper site The Times times, newspaper time New Yorker newspaper, newspaper style website Monocle Site styles The globe and mail site styles

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