Website Design Styles: Part Three - Minimalism


Good design is immediately visible. Great design is invisible (Sparano). Minimalism is found in art, architecture, fashion, literature ect., and of course web design. Moreover, this style has taken a serious position and every year attracts more and more fans. What is the secret of the popularity of this style? Today we will understand this issue, as always with examples of great sites. You may have noticed that I do not give examples of sites from uanet and runet, this does not mean that we do not have good sites, but still domestic web design is a little behind, however, for this remark I can be caught and tortured fans of Tatyanych, to whom, by the way, I plan to devote a separate article.

Minimalism is a design style presented in its simplest form, without superfluous elements, an abundance of color, shape and texture. The goal of minimalism is the desire to get rid of everything superfluous and give the design maximum functionality. Visually minimalistic design should convey to the user the main idea of the site, create a calm atmosphere, but at the same time not create a feeling of unfinished work and emptiness . Most sites have a lot of noise and garbage - a variety of gadgets that indicate the weather, time, exchange rates, advertising, etc. All this creates a continuous mosaic in the user's head, and a minimalistic site can become for him a pleasant, soothing place where everything is clear and there is no need to strain. I will say right away that sometimes it can be difficult for SEOs to optimize such a site due to the lack of space for placing SEO texts. It's no secret that for the user they do not carry any semantic load, but if you wish, you can hide the SEO text well and we can do it.

How to achieve minimalism?

Minimizing content.

Minimalism can be achieved by following a good rule - "Less is more". In other words, you need to remove unnecessary content and graphics. Social media buttons, latest tweets, all kinds of slogans, lists of breaking news, some menu items, meaningless graphics or their abundance can be redundant. In a minimalistic design, you need to throw away everything superfluous until the site works the way you want it to.

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We simplify the design.

In a minimalist design, every detail matters. Color accents, shapes, lines, an unusual site grid - all this creates a unique design. Minimalism is light, simple, but not primitive. In developing such a design, we will be helped by: interesting typography, a lot of empty space (!!!), black and white, smooth animation, balance and alignment of objects, contrast.

Sometimes, learning to be simple is hard. It is necessary to get rid of the desire to pave the empty space, no matter what, the main thing is that it does not exist. There is no need to "add something", it is better to remove something.




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Perhaps our market is not yet ready for the elegance and simplicity of minimalism, but I hope that soon we will have more customers who trust us, and we will make websites where there is nothing superfluous.

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