Website Design Styles: Part Two - Retro Websites



Retro style web design is popular and, in my opinion, will be relevant for a very long time on the world wide web. Let's define what retro is in general. Retro is a term that combines the fashion heritage of the second half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. This term is quite abstract... You need to get a little carried away with history, or at least keep track of the year of occurrence of certain items that you use in website design in order to get into retro. It is important to note that everything before 1850 is already antiques, and after 1950 (somewhere before 1980, i.e. things whose age ranges from 30 to 50 years) - vintage.

In today's article we will also touch on vintage , many people confuse this style with retro, to be honest, I don’t see anything fatal in this :) For example, in one of the English-language articles I came across such a heading - "Vintage Retro Style"... But for perfectionists it is important to remember the distinction between retro and vintage in time, and check all the items that they will use in design, clothing and interior for the year of their occurrence and, of course, it is necessary to take only fashionable things of those times.

Consider what elements you need to use to create a retro and vintage design:

    • illustrations from old posters, movie posters, etc.;

old poster

    • various vintage fonts;

old font

    • handwritten fonts;>


    • old radio and television devices;

old radio

    • old cars;

old cars

    • old packaging;

old packaging, retro

    • old cameras and photographs;


    • high-contrast, neon colors and/or dark dirty colors (brown, protective, dark red, etc.) and textures, such as shabby old paper, possibly with tear spots;


    • old signboards and signs;

old signboard

    • elements of pop art (a trend in the visual arts of the 1950s and 1960s that arose as a reaction to abstract expressionism, using images of consumer products);


Let's move on to sites where we can clearly see examples of the use of the above elements. Let's start with a retrospective and move towards vintage.

We look at examples of sites

Sensisoft Retro Retro Website

retro site

Hem jeans


The Threepenny Editor


Dollar Dreadful

retro site



Rob Edwards


Verga car

website in retro style


vintage site

custom design

retro site

five cent stand

retro site design

Prahba hint: click on the flag on the suitcase, then you will see the weight of the rest

retro site


website in retro and vintage style

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