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Turning to a web design studio, the customer does not always know how the site he needs should look like, what it should contain and how to work. We hope that this article, in which you will find examples of website development , will help you better navigate the types of sites and get general information about their features.

It should be noted that the site is not only a resource where you can find complete information about the company, its products, services and benefits. It is also a convenient opportunity to solve a variety of marketing and commercial tasks of any business.

Depending on the purpose and purpose of creation, sites can be conditionally divided into several main categories: business card site, corporate site, online store, image site.

As examples of site development, we have chosen sites that are different in type, functionality, amount of information and marketing orientation. Of course, this is only a part of the examples of those sites that we have developed. You can see all the work in the portfolio .

1) Business card website
To create a business card site means to quickly, efficiently and with minimal financial investments declare your company on the Internet. Business card site is convenience, simple perception, original design, help in the development of your business.
Business card sites are suitable for companies that wish to advertise their services and products on the Internet, but at the same time they have encountered the site creation service for the first time.

creation of business card sites

2) Corporate website
A corporate website is a representation of a company on the Internet. Such a site pursues more serious goals and more complex tasks than a business card site. In addition, the corporate website is more functional: it contains product catalogs, a feedback form, a portfolio, reviews, etc. Today, a corporate website is a necessary tool for the successful business of every serious company.

creation of corporate websites

3) Online store
An online store is a full-fledged website for the sale of goods and services. The main features of such a site are a catalog of goods or services with images and detailed characteristics of the goods, the possibility of online payment for goods or a payment option to the courier, a description of possible delivery options. Such a site is multifunctional and more difficult to implement.

creation of online stores

4) Image site
An image site is a status resource. It is designed to emphasize the respectability of the company, representing the brand on the Internet. Such a site attracts attention during advertising campaigns and forms the image component of the company's activities. Image sites create a mood of sophistication.

creation of image sites

In addition to website development, we provide corporate identity and logo development services:

corporate identity development

We also provide search engine optimization, website promotion in search engines, provide information, design and technical support services for websites.

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