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In many ways, the success of creating sites and promotion depend on the design of the site . Web design is the first thing that forms the impression of visitors about the site as a whole. That is why a competent website design should be original, stylish, beautiful, able to leave a good impression on the visitors of the Internet resource.

But why do you need a beautiful site if only you know about it?

A good site should work for you, it should be known, found and visited by as many Internet users as possible. If it is important for you that a wide audience learn about your company, you need to carry out a number of activities to promote the site in search engines. But the creation of the site and its subsequent promotion should include optimization of the site design . Web design optimization is the improvement of its appearance, functionality, compliance with information content.

A website design loaded with graphics is a serious obstacle to ranking a website in search engines. In addition, the design of the site should be made in accordance with the corporate identity of the company and reflect the type of its activity. Fonts should be easy to read, images should display properly on monitors, buttons should be intuitive, and navigation should be easy. For example, if an online store is being developed, it means that you should pay special attention to the order form: is it easy to find it, how convenient and quick it is to place an order, whether delivery conditions and contact information are indicated.

Good web design is, first of all, memorability and visibility. Visualization forms a quick and interesting work with the site, helps to easily find the necessary information. Memorability allows the user to easily remember what and where is on the site and how to find the necessary information. And return to the resource again and again. When creating websites, promoting a high-quality website design is one of the foundations on which the success of your website, and hence your business on the Internet, rests.

Webakula design studio knows how to create effective websites with high-quality optimized web design. We like to create beautiful, original sites of any kind that bring pleasure and profit to our customers. Professional creation and promotion of websites is our favorite work!

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