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Creating a site layout is the creation of a variant of the design of the pages of the future site. The design determines the appearance of the site - what the user first evaluates when entering the site. It is from the design of the website that the general perception of the information contained on a particular resource depends on a person.

Among the elements of the site are the color scheme, font styles, the location of the menu, navigation, services, and more. The design determines the form of information presentation and at the same time the user interface. Thus, the design should pursue not only aesthetic goals, but also practical ones - only in this case the site design can be called successful. That is why an individual, competent approach to creating a website layout is so important.

At this stage, it does not hurt to study the sites of competitors. After analyzing all their features, you can find out what we like, what we don’t, how we can distinguish ourselves and what we don’t need to do. The main thing is not to allow a banal repetition of someone else's design. But, first of all, you need to clearly define the goals and objectives that the future site should solve.

The development of the site design is carried out taking into account the following criteria, which must be taken into account even at the initial stage of creating an Internet site:

  • Concept definition . Thinking through the design of the site, it is important to correctly identify the main concept with all the features of the resource and the specifics of the tasks. Design, down to the smallest details, must be developed taking into account the concept of the site.
  • Clear design . The site with all its features should be accessible to every user on an intuitive level. Clear, uncomplicated design of the site allows users to quickly and easily navigate it. And it's always nice to come back to such sites.
  • Professionalism . High-quality development of a website layout is a rather laborious task, and one cannot do without certain experience, skills and professionalism in this area. Each element of the layout must be worked out carefully, combining it as much as possible with the rest of the elements of the web page.
  • Target customer orientation . The layout of the resource must be made the way a potential client of your company would like to see it.

Creating a website layout requires almost the same attention as organizing the company itself. And those who understand this, with a competent approach, get a fairly effective business. To neglect the professional development of the resource design means to deprive yourself of the opportunity for the qualitative development of the company and making a profit thanks to the site.

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