Website promotion: elements and methods. How not to make a mistake?



There are many articles written on internet marketing on the net. I would like to focus on what exactly makes your site selling, popular, and so on. Let's discuss the 9 most effective website promotion methods.

1. Selling website


Given today's trends, we can safely say that if your company does not have its own website on the Internet, then it, that is, the company, is not in business. Not so long ago, it was more a matter of image, a tribute to fashion than a mandatory attribute. Now - a necessary condition for successful work in the market. The site is needed for several things:

  • This is the best option to tell a wide audience who you are and what you offer.
  • A website is a good foundation for a successful business, as well as a tool for creating a positive image of the company.
  • This is an excellent tool for communication with various target audiences, including both retail buyers and wholesalers. The latter just have the power to influence potential customers. By promptly responding to requests, you can increase the loyalty of potential customers.

As mentioned above, until recently, the presence of a website was something like an addition to the company's image. Now this can become a great customer flow generator. From the Internet site you can get half of new contacts and a third of sales.

2. Contextual advertising


Visitors see such advertising by entering a query of interest into the search bar. Now the trend is such that due to the gradual refusal of companies from SEO (including), the price of contextual advertising is growing. Why are companies ditching search engine promotion? Because many of them coming to the Internet can afford interesting and frequent requests.

If your plans include the use of contextual advertising, we recommend starting with Yandex.Direct. The advantages of this system:

  • Guaranteed transitions.
  • Launch speed.
  • The ability to control every stage of the sales funnel.


  • Pretty high cost.
  • Frequent changes (it happens that a dozen competitors appear in a month).

3. Search promotion


The essence of this tool is that the position of the site is improved by using popular requests from users on the Internet. Not so long ago, promotion was carried out by mass purchase of links on third-party resources. After that, in 2014, Yandex announced that these methods no longer work. Due to the fact that search services do not disclose their algorithms, no one can unambiguously point out the way to promote the site.

But no matter what, SEO remains one of the most effective channels for attracting customers. It is better to use search promotion in combination with other marketing tools. It is important to understand that the result will be noticeable only after a few months.

4. Banner advertising


There is an opinion among marketers that banner advertising no longer works. I would like to make a small correction: with the advent of RealTimeBidding (an online ad auction), this type of advertising has been reborn. A properly designed banner can attract tens of thousands of times more visitors than a simple text ad.

The price of a banner will depend on site attendance, banner size and placement. To make it more clickable, follow these rules:

  • Studies have shown that the most advantageous placement of the banner is at the top of the site, to the right of the text.
  • Use animation in the banner. You can do it on two screens. Then the second should have a call to action. The duration of advertising should not exceed 1 minute.
  • Do not use a banner smaller than 200x200 pixels. This size is too small to be noticed immediately.
  • Interestingly, using the image of a person on the banner improves the return. That is, we can assume that the personal component in the design of the banner plays an important role in its effectiveness.

Another important factor is to show the banner to the target audience. Remember that you are paying for impressions, not clicks. Also, choose the right platform for showings. Guessing with the place, the result is sure to be.

Banners still have a minus - this is the lack of sites for placing such advertising. Plus, after a small advertising campaign, you will need to look for a new site.

5. Teaser ad

The purpose of this ad is to combine an image and a text ad. A teaser is a kind of rebus, where the user must guess what it is about. It contains only some information about the product. This ad is not for everyone. It will be an excellent solution for advertising everyday, seasonal goods and low-cost services. Submission rules are the same as for the banner submission, only a heading/subheading is added. The success of teaser advertising also depends on the placement site. This is a good tool if you need to get a large number of leads in a short time.

6. Video Marketing


The great advantage of video marketing is the ability to show the product visually, avoiding boring descriptions. As a kind of such advertising - viral marketing. Its essence lies in the fact that information about the advertised product is distributed through users - they share it with friends and acquaintances.

Video advertising is getting cheaper. This is due to the emergence of new technologies that simplify the creation of such videos. Another advantage of video ads is that you only have to pay for them when you create them. It can be online and distributed by users for a long time. It is worth noting that the probability that your video will go viral is small, about 5%.

7. Content Marketing

Do you want your site to be visited? Fill it regularly with fresh and relevant content. News, interesting articles, expert opinions, that is, everything that may be of interest to your users.

Before you start, make a plan and budget. Select a query pool, write a monthly publishing plan (for selected queries). Analyze your work using Google, Yandex, LiveInternet and other analytics systems. Study bounce rates, view duration, view depth. Compare the indicators with the average for the site, draw the appropriate conclusions.

8. Email Marketing

E-mail mark

No matter what they say about the ineffectiveness of email newsletters, they remain one of the most sought-after tools in online marketing. You just need to follow a number of rules:

  • The base should consist of both existing and potential customers.
  • Do a newsletter once a week/month. Put in it useful information that will help your customers solve pressing problems.
  • Evaluate results regularly.

Remind yourself more often. Make a mailing list of at least 20, maximum 30 letters per month. This approach may not appeal to everyone, but the more you remind yourself of yourself, the more chances you have to grow in sales.


9. SMM_1

Most middle-aged people (35-40 years old) have an account on the social network. Accordingly, social platforms are a great place to meet your audience. There are two ways to promote here: targeted contextual advertising and community/group promotion. Both of these options are effective and may well be part of the same marketing strategy.

It happens that advertising in social networks gives a flow of customers more than advertising in search. The conversion rate in social networks is also often higher than in search. The number of subscribers will grow if you regularly (at least 3 times a day) post posts. It is desirable that one of them be entertaining. Entertaining posts consistently collect likes.

Tools discussed. Now I would like to focus on the elements of the site, as methods of Internet marketing.

Site elements

  1. Clear elements and menus that will call for the desired action.
  2. USP understandable for your user. And, of course, for a small business it will be one offer, for a large one it will be completely different.
  3. Tell us about yourself in numbers. Such information will show the scale of your company and why you should be trusted.
  4. Place contacts and the application form so that the user does not have to look for it on the site (usually in the upper right corner).
  5. Customer reviews are a great way to tell how good it is to work with you. Try to avoid harsh negative reviews.
  6. Design elements must meet customer expectations. Make changes on the site carefully, analyzing fluctuations in the behavior of visitors.
  7. Videos, photos, certificates and awards are also elements of trust. They make it clear that you can be trusted.
  8. Place a block with guarantees on the site, where you tell what you are ready to do if suddenly your product does not suit the client.
  9. Make a small announcement “why you need to call/order/buy right now”. Show the time until the end of the promotion or information about how much has already been bought and how much is left in stock. Here you need to be honest: if the user sees that the promotion continues after the designated period, he will stop trusting you.

How not to make a mistake with the choice of method

how not wrong

In order not to rush between all the methods, we advise you to proceed from what result and in what time frame you need. If your audience is fast and inexpensive, then use teaser advertising. If your budget is limited, and the result is needed urgently, contextual advertising will do. If the goal is to reduce the cost of contact, then content marketing will be the best option.

In any case, you need to start by determining the conversion rate, the cost of the client and the lead. Only after that you will understand how much you are willing to pay for any of the channels. When choosing a tool, remember the selection criteria:

Costs. Once the conversion rate and the cost per lead are determined, you can eliminate those tools that do not fit into your company's business model. Also take into account time costs.

Duration. If the timing of the RC is planned within 3-12 months, you should not consider content marketing and SEO seriously. These tools give results in a year and a half. There is also seasonality.

Consistency.. Remember that the visible result from one-time actions disappears along with the termination of actions. A systematic approach gives a long-term result. The growth will be felt for a long time. For the first few months, focus on systemic activities.

Exhaust. Here you need to determine the lowest indicator and work with it. You will probably agree that it will be easier and faster to increase conversions at no extra cost than to get 30% more leads. But, most often, the maximum result is just the work on the weak point that every company has.

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