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oshibki-prodvizheniya-sajtov Website promotion is a very subjective and ambiguous process. It is practically impossible to foresee all the changes and nuances of search engine algorithms in order to consistently and consistently display promoted sites in the TOP-10 with a minimum budget and in the shortest possible time. Even having achieved some results, having best practices and experience in promotion, there will always be migration in the issue.

Despite this, it is possible to single out a number of website promotion mistakes, avoiding which, the optimizer will still be able to sleep more peacefully, and customers will be grateful for a long time.

So, here are a few promotion factors that should never be ignored when promoting sites in search engines:

  • When optimizing a website page for a specific request, you should, if possible, saturate the content with this anchor as much as possible. Use italic and bold text tags to highlight the keyword.
  • Select keywords for promotion not based on your vision of the resource, but with the help of special tools. Otherwise, you risk getting optimized for queries that are not in demand among search engine users.
  • Be sure to fill in the title meta tag - in most cases, it will be displayed in the page description in the PS sickle.
  • Do not use spammy links when promoting. This can negatively affect the entire site as a whole.
  • The page URL must not be dynamic. Always use CNC and insert keywords into the address.
  • Flash animation on the site is allowed, but must be combined with normal html formatting. Search robots are not yet able to read and index flash content.
  • Do not use Java scripts in site navigation. As an alternative solution, a detailed and updatable sitemap can be used.
  • And last, but most importantly: constant support of positions, a gradual increase in the link mass even after reaching the TOP-10, will increase the trust of the resource and, accordingly, less and less the site will be subject to migration in search engine results.

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