Website promotion with a minimum budget


Раскрутка сайта с минимальным бюджетом

Website promotion in search engines is not a luxury, but a necessity. SEO costs depend on the company's field of activity, competition and promotion regions, but in any case, promotion needs to start somewhere. We will tell you how to distribute modest funds as efficiently as possible and at the same time get commercially tangible benefits from site optimization and promotion.

Tips for internal website optimization

Before you start buying links and other costly promotion measures, you need to optimize the freshly baked site, because the compliance of the resource with the requirements of search engines is practically a guarantee of the top.

  1. Pick up the semantic core of the site by determining the keywords for which the site will be promoted. To do this, you need to use special resources with which you can view the frequency of certain queries, for example, Wordstat from Yandex. Keep in mind, however, that with a relatively small budget, you will inevitably have to not only save money, but also appease your appetites.
    • Website promotion for low- and medium-frequency queries will allow you to attract a smaller number of potential customers to the site, but at the same time it will be much cheaper.
    • To start, it is enough to select one region at the location of the company, narrowing down the geotargeting, you can save a lot.
    • Words and phrases must be divided into groups according to the principle of compliance with a certain type of product or service.
  2. In accordance with the selected queries, correctly write meta tags (title, description and keywords) on the pages of the site and place the so-called seo-texts optimized for certain groups of keywords. Don't forget to include alt and title attributes for images, this will attract additional traffic.
  3. Aim for a conscientious and constant work on the content of the site, it is he who will cause a favorable response in the souls of users and robots. The uniqueness and neat html-design is above all appreciated by search engines, and mere mortals will like regular updates of the resource with interesting, informative, original, funny and useful text and media content. Photos and videos on the site will attract the attention of visitors and increase their interest in the proposed service or product. In addition, the longer the user stays on the pages of the resource, the higher the positions will be. This is facilitated not only by interesting and unique content, but also by competent linking, which will increase the depth of viewing the site.

For internal optimization, you don’t need to buy links, you can do everything you need on your own, but it’s easier and better to turn to professionals. By paying once, you will get a long-lasting result. After carrying out these works, depending on the competition, the site can enter the top for mid-frequency and low-frequency queries even without buying links.

External optimization of a web resource

Off-page optimization is the most expensive part of SEO, but there are budget-friendly alternatives. To post links to your site, you can use free article sites, and create content for them on your own. It is not necessary to write a unique text for each such resource; you can multiply a couple of articles by rewriting. You should not ignore the mutual link exchange between sites of similar subjects. It will be difficult to agree on this for an unpromoted resource, but it is quite possible.

We also do not forget that a new resource must be registered in search engines without fail.

It is possible that the owner of the site, practicing self-promotion of the site, subject to successful results, will eventually turn into a professional SEO specialist and will be able to promote other resources. Let us, however, be realistic and consider another scenario.

Self-promotion of the site with minimal costs is a rather long and time-consuming process. Tangible results can make themselves not only wait a long time, but also not come at all. The fattest minus of a beginner's SEO experiments on a live resource is mistakes that even promotion gurus are not immune from. Getting under the filters of Yandex and Google can be an expensive mistake and cause significant damage to the business.

Situations, of course, are different, but our advice to you: on what on what, but it’s better not to save on website promotion;)

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