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Социальные сети

What do we know about social networks? How many of your friends, relatives and acquaintances are registered on VKontakte, Facebook or Twitter? And how many people are there that you will never see, let alone know?

But after all, there are not three or four social networks, but much more, and all of them are diverse and specific. So which social networks are the most popular and why?

Социальные сети (гуашь) Let's take a look at some random statistics. All over the world (except for those social networks in which it is impossible to even roughly estimate the number of registered users), the first place, not surprisingly, was taken by Facebook. With 845 million users, this is the undisputed leader of all networks in terms of the number of users. Twitter occupies an honorable second place with its half a billion subscribers, and the Russian Vkontakte, whose number of users has reached 165 million, has taken the third place by a wide margin. LinkedIn, Badoo, Orkut, MySpace and Odnoklassniki also have over 100 million subscribers. Thus, general networks gained the most subscribers, which is absolutely predictable.

Now let's look at Google PR. Page priority is just as important as the number of users, because it determines the system's trust in the network. Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter scored 9, LinkedIn, Orkut, and Bebo scored 8, Classmates, Ning, Hi5, Multiply, Friendster, MeetUp, Fotolog, and Skyrock scored 7, with the remaining networks scoring less than seven points. You have not heard many of these names, and this is also not surprising - most of the networks are not translated into Russian and are not very popular in the countries of the former CIS.

The rating of social networks in Russia is closer to us.

  1. Vkontakte - 78.8%;
  2. Mail.ru - 72.0%;
  3. Odnoklassniki - 67.5%.

Also popular are LiveJournal, LovePlanet, Rutube and Small World, which have gained more than 60% of Russian users.

Социальные сети (карандаш) Each social network is designed for something different. Odnoklassniki - to search for school and college friends, YouTube - to watch a variety of videos, both professional and amateur, Wikipedia - an online encyclopedia, LiveJournal - a database for storing personal diaries, and so on. Many social networks have been created for different countries, people and their needs. Someone for work, someone for relaxing, chatting or finding new friends, watching videos and listening to tracks. So the choice is huge, besides, registration in the networks is completely optional - you can not register at all. But the choice is ours for each of us.

Social networks have entered our lives and have become almost an integral part of it. But let's not succumb to the temptations of the Internet, let's not let our minds be captured! Give real life!

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