What adds value to a site?


Что увеличивает стоимость сайта

Everyone wants to know the price in advance. A high-quality site boasts an author's design and a rich set of functional features. They eat up the lion's share of the budget. What exactly and how affects the price of the site, we will explain in today's article.

resource type

We will not consider ready-made solutions - their cost is fixed and varies slightly. Let's move on to unique sites - more complex and multifaceted.

Price hierarchy by platform type (from minimum to maximum):

  1. landing;
  2. business card site;
  3. corporate;
  4. online store.

For the presented types of sites, the cost can vary significantly depending on the chosen CMS, because in addition to free ones, there are also paid content management systems.


Влияние дизайна на стоимость сайта

The site should be aesthetic, simple and harmonious, meet the latest usability and comply with fashionable web trends:

  • 3D, the so-called three-dimensional effect;
  • parallax scrolling;
  • hover effects;
  • videophones;
  • adaptive version.

Using scripting "chips", you can not only make the site attractive, but also significantly increase the budget for its creation. The same adaptive design means additional costs for separately drawn layouts for each screen resolution and for their layout.

In addition, web studios are not omnipotent. With all the desire of the client, video content that does not meet the technical requirements cannot be placed on the site as a background, without loss of quality and download speed. Bright, professional videos and product photos, on the contrary, can become a hallmark of a new resource and attract the attention of the audience.

Site functionality

Функционал сайта и цена разработки

The cost of a web project depends on the complexity of implementing the technical capabilities of the site.

  1. A complex product catalog will undoubtedly affect the complexity of developing various functionally related elements:
    • hierarchy of product categories;
    • filter system;
    • product comparison modules;
    • wish lists;
    • last viewed product pages;
    • recommended products.
  2. Smart search is a mandatory component of online stores with a large number of products. Hints will help users to easily find the desired product.
  3. Synchronization with 1C using special parser scripts allows you to speed up the processing of orders and automate the process of accounting and systematization of goods as much as possible.
  4. A functional personal account with loyalty programs for the permanent audience of the site contributes to the development of trusting relationships with customers and an increase in the size of the average bill.
  5. Registration / authorization using social networks is a common and practical feature. The ability to instantly log into your personal account through your Vkontakte or Facebook account greatly simplifies the life of site visitors and increases the percentage of registered users.
  6. Synchronization with external resources, for example, price aggregators popular for online stores (Yandex.Market, vcene, ava, nadavi, hotline, freemarket, hotprice, etc.). For such interaction, it is necessary to correctly implement the unloading and updating of the list of goods in the XML standard. As a result, when prices change on the site, the data in the catalogs of price aggregators is automatically adjusted.

SEO modules

SEO-модули и цена сайта

On what, on what, and on optimization, we would not advise anyone to save. For further promotion of the site are important:

  • urls of the second level directory;
  • automatic sitemap generation;
  • page addresses formed according to the CNC principle;
  • automated filling of meta tags (title, keywords, description) on the product pages of online stores with a large assortment;
  • layout with h1-h6 marking, css font design and validity;
  • information blocks (articles, news, question-answer, etc.)

In conclusion, a little parting word. Balance your desires and financial possibilities. Think about what you can donate and what you can save on, and what, on the contrary, is vital for the development of an online business.

For example, the adaptive version of the site is not just a fashion trend, but also a convenient solution for owners of smartphones and tablets. However, if the site is young and the vast majority of the target audience uses traditional desktop gadgets, adaptive development can be delayed.

Invest only in those functional and visual elements that are really useful for the business and will pay off in the long run.

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