What is a "creative crisis"?


The so-called creative process for some designers is a thing so fragile and delicate that it can break from any little thing. If some are given the design process immediately without any problems and they come up with a quick and easy one from the first approach, then others need to perform a series of sacred rituals before sketching, or even the whole process must necessarily take place under the necessary sacred conditions. Write with your favorite pen, sit in peace at home, wander around the park and look for inspiration.

In fact, no one needs all this, and you must always wean yourself from the search for inspiration. All difficulties appear when it is difficult to come up with something and it is difficult to admit it.

Because there should be no inspiration in the work of a designer.

You need to be able to work in any conditions and always. "Creative crisis" appears only when the task is to make it beautiful, creative, original, unusual or in some other way so that everyone likes it. The original idea comes in the process of solving a well-posed problem, and not in the process of inventing an original solution to it. In the same way, a simple enumeration of words differs from a story.

Learning to work at any moment is hard for designers who are infected with myths that their profession is related to creativity, and without "inspiration" you should not even open Photoshop. It is difficult to come to the office and start designing right away if you think that for a start the heavens should open up, and from there the muse should descend on you and pass the mouse into your bright hand.

The less a designer associates himself with a sophisticated creative nature, the easier the process goes for him. At the same time, oddly enough, you need to learn to invent with half-disabled brains. This does not mean that you have to do everything thoughtlessly, but a really good project will not work if you approach it from the very beginning with a calculator in your hand. You need to work freely and naturally, but, of course, you should not go to extremes in this matter either.

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