What is a site with a twist?


The very name "site with a twist" already suggests that this is a site in which there is something that distinguishes this particular site from millions of others on the Internet. The Internet is already full of sites with the same design and functionality, moreover, more and more often site owners do not even bother writing their own texts for the site, but simply brazenly copy information from other sites.

We are against it!

WebAkula stands for a site with a twist, which in itself means

  • exclusive website design,
  • thoughtful functionality and site navigation,
  • individual site administration panel,
  • individual content for each site.

As a sign of this, we redesigned our own site - poured raisins into it to convey to each visitor that the site, first of all, should have a twist!
The process of redesigning my own site was interesting and exciting. And it all started like this:

Настоящий изюмКолдун..Изюм: макроА это уже похоже..на плавник акулы!плавник ВебАкулыИзюм - это не только полезно, но и вкусно!ВебАкула

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