What is website usability analysis and why is it so important?

Анализ юзабилити сайта

Each of us visits dozens of sites every day: we stay on some for a long time, and we close some pages without even having time to see if they contain the information we are interested in. What is it connected with? Let's look at this issue with an example.

The need to analyze the usability of the site

So, a clothing company decided to create an online store. Being engaged in the development of the site, the company's management paid maximum attention to the design of the online resource, the colors used in the design, the size and attractiveness of the logo. But some time has passed, and sales of goods on the Internet do not go or go, but not in the volume that was expected. Of course, in such cases, the company's management thinks first of all about the unattractiveness or irrelevance of the products presented, nevertheless, clothes in ordinary stores were in great demand.

The whole problem is that when creating a site, no one analyzed its usability, and this is a key point that determines how convenient this or that Internet resource is to use. It should be understood that the site must fully satisfy the needs of users, because they open a page with a specific task, and not to admire the logo and colorful design. A site that is inconvenient to use can cause the loss of a huge number of potential customers and negatively affect the company's business as a whole.

Ways to analyze the usability of the site

There are several ways to perform usability analysis of online resources, each of which is quite informative and effective.
  1. Usability analysis through testers.
    Testers in this case are specially invited people who perform certain tasks under the supervision of an expert. In the course of such an analysis, a study is made of how people behave, where they look, what links they open, where they have difficulties. This technique allows you to form the most realistic picture of the ease of use of the Internet resource.
  2. Expert analysis of website usability.
    The essence of this method is a thorough study of the resource by qualified specialists who analyze its structure and find errors. This technique is the simplest, but quite effective, because only an experienced expert can point out all the shortcomings, correct them and thereby increase the convenience of the site for the end user.
  3. Website usability analysis based on statistical data.
    The name of this technique suggests that during the analysis of usability, statistical data is used, which perfectly describes the behavior of users and can improve the usability of the site. Such data includes: top sections, the average time a user spends on the site, the least visited pages of the resource, etc.

When conducting site audits, we often encounter the fact that with an increase in site usability, there is an increase in the conversion of site visitors, and this, of course, leads to an increase in orders.

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