What should be the landing page?


A lot depends on which page of your site a visitor goes to from a search engine or contextual advertising. After all, this is the page from which the viewing of the site begins and the first impression of it is formed. That is why you should pay special attention to the landing page: properly optimize it and structure the presentation of information.

As a rule, there are several landing pages for one site. Each of them helps the user to easily understand where he is and how to find the information he needs.

There are at least 4 rules for creating a landing page:

  1. The landing page should be thoughtful and fully meet the expectations of the visitor . She must give an exhaustive answer to his question. For example, if a user enters “price curtains” in the search, it means that he wants to see immediately a page with prices for different types of curtains, if he enters “curtains inexpensively”, then he wants to see a promotional offer, discounts, and if he asks “photo curtains”, he wants see gallery, catalog of curtains.
  2. Once on the landing page and having received the necessary information, the user should easily understand the next steps . For example, having learned about a company, a visitor should immediately see the "Catalogue" section, where he can get acquainted with its products. The catalog should have a prominent “Add to Cart” or “Order” button. Of course, a site visitor doesn't have to search for a phone number and an order form.
  3. It is necessary to reduce the number of clicks on the site to search for the necessary information or order a product (service), save the visitor from searching for the necessary buttons, links, make the order form as simple as possible. That is, to provide the target audience with the opportunity to perform a minimum of actions and spend a minimum of time on it.
  4. It is necessary to provide the visitor with a maximum of competent and concise information in accordance with his request. For example, a product card must contain information about the price, a set of characteristics (sizes, models), information about the manufacturer, guarantees, methods of delivery, payment, and, of course, a high-quality photo of the product.

Benefits of using landing pages:

  • Increase in conversion. A clear answer to a specific question with a call to action increases the likelihood that a website visitor will become your customer.
  • Increasing advertising effectiveness. A properly designed, selling landing page is the key to a successful advertising campaign.
  • Decreased bounce rate. It is known that search engines pay a lot of attention to behavioral factors, including the bounce rate, that is, the number of users who left the site after viewing only one page. A high bounce rate causes search robots to consider your site useless, devoid of the necessary information. This means that the user, having entered the site, does not find the necessary information, leaves it. Having landing pages with relevant information helps to avoid this.

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