What should web design look like?


The person who got to the web page first of all sees the web design - i.e. images, graphics, and then textual content. But both web design and text content are equally important for the perception of a person, so that he lingers on this site.

All of the above directly depends on the quality of the web site design . To begin with, let's analyze what web site design is and how it should be. There are three main circumstances that need to be taken into account when creating a web site design :

  • is the page load speed,
  • expressiveness,
  • readability.

The solution of these problems is handled by a web designer , and his task is to create a website design , that is, to make design layouts (images), which include all the variants of logos, blocks, headings, navigation and headings he invented.

If the amount of information that needs to be presented to the user is quite large, then several options for design layouts are created, namely: for the main page, which site visitors will see first of all, for internal pages, which are no less important, as well as for dots entry into different subsystems that will not be available to a simple user.

After approval of the web site design within the company, layouts are offered to the customer. The customer evaluates the work and, taking into account his wishes , the layout of the site design is finally finalized.

Today, there are many different services for creating design for web sites. Of course, if you have the necessary financial resources, then it is quite possible to order the creation of a website design from a well-known and reputable web design studio. The price of website design depends on the complexity of the order. Website design can be simple, complex, original, expressive, or all together. As with everything else, the price of web design depends on the amount of work. At the moment, prices for creating an individual web design in Kharkov range from 1000 to 10000 UAH.

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