What will work in SEO this year?


seo-2011 Search engine optimization , like any business / technology bundle, is constantly evolving and undergoing changes. What worked just recently is no longer relevant. What will give the greatest effect - requires additional study, professionalism and innovation.

It's no secret that the Western segment of the Internet masters and implements new technologies faster than it happens in our country. Many of our web masters, optimizers and programmers learn from their colleagues working abroad.

Therefore, we will try to draw conclusions and put into practice what professionals such as Matt Cutts , head of the Google Webspam Team , consider useful to do for the site in terms of SEO optimization .

So, he was asked the question: what will work in SEO in 2011?

He was able to identify three main areas:

  1. Increasing the speed of the site (the highest speed of loading pages).
  2. Internal site optimization.
  3. Promotion in social networks.

To complete the first point , you should optimize the weight of the pages as much as possible, set up the CMS of the site, reduce the speed of execution of JS (scripts) and CSS (cascading styles).

On the second point , the work will be to increase the relevance of the posted content, saturation with keywords, competent html-code of the article structure, work with meta tags. In addition, you should monitor broken links and 404 errors. Make a neat and logical linking of all pages of the site.

But the third direction is the most innovative. According to a Google employee, you should pay close attention to website promotion in social networks. Those. Twitter, Facebook and VKontakte are mandatory services where each site must have its own account. It is from social networks that you can get three useful effects for SEO : first of all, this is traffic, secondly, fast indexing of the main content of the site, and thirdly, the possible receipt of additional backlinks.

Might be worth listening to these tips...

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